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Full service, self service and no service

I heard a comedian joke about the advent of the self serve aisles in grocery stores. he said if we are going to do all the work we deserve a uniform. Today I visited my local grocery store and the joke became my reality. Gone are the days of a cashier and a bagger. The cashier now has to wear both hats, but that is a decision made by the store and it is truly not our issue to resolve. Occasionally in an effort to speed the process we all often bag our own groceries but that should always be our choice. While in the store I noticed the customer in front of me bagged his groceries as the chatty cashier rang them up. He gave the customer the receipt and said come again. When he started ringing up my groceries my daughter started bagging them. The cashier was not breaking a sweat as my duaghter continued bagging. After the last item was rung and I paid he bid us goodbye and proceeded to start on the next order, but there were still items that i had purchased that were still not bagged. He expected my daughter to finish bagging. I said “wait a minute you are not done with this order”, he looked at me as if I was asking him to do something outside of his job description. He then finished bagging up the order with a side order of attitude. When did we agree to do the work and pay for the privilege? As the comedian said “where’s my uniform?”

Walmart apologizes for “fat girl” costumes…is fat a description or an insult?

Is full sized or plus sized a euphemism for fat? Walmart has apologized for using the word fat on their website. What do you think? Share your thoughts.


What’s Wrong with an old-fashioned whooping?

What is a switch? Ask any black person over the age of 35 and they will tell you. It is a branch devoid of leaves used for beating children. As a child I can remember visiting my grandmother and she would bring a switch into the kitchen and say the next person that got out of line would be whipped with that switch. It served as a bad behavior determent, but was it right? No, but was it child abuse? In the 60s and 70s children really had no rights and parents and grandparents were free to apply any form of discipline they saw fit, but those days are gone. Adrian Peterson has been indicted for child abuse and he claims he was doing to his child what was done to him. That might be true, but was it right then and is it right now? Share your thoughts.

Real Dad Moments from Dove…a great commercial showcasing real dads

Share your thoughts.

When did winning become a bad word?

At a recent school event parents were warned to suppress their “competitive urge”. When did winning become a bad word. When did average start receiving accolades? Children have to realize that there are people capable of running faster than they can and it is alright. Back in the day there were winners and losers and we survived. Creating an environment that eliminates competition is unrealistic. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Shots fired at funeral for Trenton teen

Back in the day there were safe places, and one of them was the church, but no longer. Today shots rang out in a church as the family buried their teenage relative. Now the fight no longer ends at death but it goes beyond the grave.


Houston Dad kills daughter’s boyfriend…will he be charged?

What if one of your children woke you up at 2AM and said someone was in his sister’s bedroom? What would you do? A Houston dad got his gun and confronted the young man. His daughter said she did not know the man, and when the young man made a move the dad shot him in the head. The boy was killed and the daughter confessed that the dead young man was her boyfriend. Was the father within his rights? This morning I saw relatives of the dead young man lamenting their loss. They said he did not deserve to die like that, and they are right, but he should not have sneaked into the girl’s house. He has lost his life for a night of fun and the girl has to live with the fact that her lie might have cost him his life. It is a sad story but we all make choices and that night the young man made what would become a deadly choice.


Gay Dad Birthday Invite was a Hoax

gay parents invite
This went viral. The intolerant mother rejecting the invitation from a boy with two dads. She was horrible, but the real problem was she did not exist. This was a hoax cooked up by a radio station. They said they wanted to spark a conversation, but what they did was cause a firestorm. Read linked story and share your thoughts.


Why is Barbara Walters defending Woody Allen?

This morning on The View Barbara Walters and co-host Sherri Sheppard got into a heated exchange regarding whether Woody Allen molested his step daughter. Walters says that she knows Allen and he is a loving father, but Sheppard says we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Allen ended up marrying his adopted daughter. Sheppard contends that Allen has shown that he is attracted to young girls. Allen is currently up for a number of awards and this story is re-surfacing. The question is should these allegations be factored into whether he receives awards for his directing skills? Share your thoughts.

Justin Bieber’s Mug Shot–is this the face of a Thug?

justin bieber's mug shot
Justin Bieber was arrested this morning for drag racing and driving under the influence. So will the media call him a thug? Share your thoughts.