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North Dakota Woman not giving obese kids Halloween candy…does she mean well or is she just mean?

Halloween wreath
A North Dakota woman has decided not to give obese children candy instead she will give them a letter telling their parents that the kid is too fat to be out asking for free candy. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


For Moms Everywhere…this is our song

My daughter showed me this clip. It’s a message from a mom and all moms will appreciate.

Wayne Brady Apologizes for Trig Palin Joke

Wayne Brady finally apologized for Trig Palin joke. Sarah Palin was the candidate that makes her fair game, but making jokes about a special needs baby is nnt funny under any set of circumstances.


Mother Makes Daughter Wear “I’m a Thief” Tee shirt…fair or unfair punishment?

The daughter was arrested for shoplifting at a local mall. The mother is now forcing the daughter to wear a tee shirt which brands her as a thief. This is the second story this week in which the parent has used some form of humiliation as a teaching tool, but does this kind of thing actually work. Tell me what you think.


Phylicia Barnes finally Laid to Rest

Over the weekend funeral services were held for Phylicia Barnes in Georgia. Barnes came to Baltimore for Christmas break and disappeared on December 28th. Her body was found in a Maryland river on April 22nd. The Baltimore Police Department worked very hard trying to find Barnes and solve the mystery of her disappearance. They tried to get the national media involved but her story got some network coverage, but not the kind devoted to other teenage girls that disappear. One such teenage was Natalie Holloway. She went missing 2005 while vacationing in Aruba. Her story was all over. Every network covered it on a daily basis. This morning Holloway’s mother was being intervieiwed regarding a book she has written. They introduced her by saying she had kept her daughter’s name in the news. That is untrue. The media kept Holloway’s name in the news, and sadly that same courtesy was not extended to Barnes.


Mother’s Day 2011-It Does Get Better

Most of you have probably seen the public service announcement that says “it does get better.” The commercials are meant to encourage young people that in spite of their circumstances in some cases they are being bullied, but “it does get better”. The PSA is designed to let them know there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it is not an oncoming train. As I approach Mother’s Day I want to use the same phrase. For those of you who lost your mother recently “it does get better”. Right now the tears are fresh, and they sting, but time does truly heal and you will smile again. For those of you who lost your mother years ago like me “it does get better”. You can reflect on the good memories. Yes, there is still pain and you wish your mother was with you as you walk your journey, but know that her spirit still lives, and take comfort in the fact that you will see her again. For those of you, who might not have had the best relationship with your mother, know you can move on and “it does get better.” So today I thank God for my wonderful mother, and I thank her for raising me and shaping me into the person I am today. I am proud of how she lived and I pray that she would be proud of how I am living. Happy Mother’s Day to all.

Florida Principal Removed from School for Disciplining His Daughter?

Florida principal Darren Jones has been removed from his school for hitting his own daughter with an extension cord. His daughter has been removed from the home and he was arrested and released. Jones says he was disciplining his out of control daughter. Jones has been credited with turning around failing schools as well as being a father figure to at risk youth. Is this old school discipline or is this abuse? Tell me what you think. http://video.miami.cbslocal.com/global/video/popup/pop_playerLaunch.asp?clipId1=5474815&flvUri=&partnerclipid=&at1=News&vt1=v&h1=Bro%20ward%20Principal%20Charged%20With%20Child%20Abuse&d1=112733&redirUrl=http://video.miami.cbslocal.com&activePane=info&LaunchPageAdTag=homepage&clipFormat=flv

Who really killed Seth Walsh and Tyler Clementi?

Today I  read two very heartbreaking stories. The first one was about the Rutgers student Tyler Clementi who jumped off the George Washington bridge when he found out his roommate had posted his gay sexual encounter online, and the other story was about Seth Walsh the 13 year old California boy who hung himself after he was the target of taunts from classmates. “Tehachapi California Police Chief Jeff Kermode says investigators interviewed some of the teenagers who allegedly taunted Seth for being gay and concluded no crime was committed” . No crime was committed, but that does not negate the damage that was done. So what have we become?  Clementi was the victim of a vicious stunt allegedly perpetrated by his roommate, and Thomas was simply tired of being bullied. Two young people on two separate coasts chose death over life. The police say his Walsh’s classmates broke down when they were interviewed about the taunting, but it is too late. Two young people are dead. Some will say they took their own lives that is on them, but what did we as a society do to protect them?

Are our Kids too Fat or are we making them crazy?

Today at church I heard an average size little girl call herself “fat”. She was not even slightly overweight but she perceived herself as fat. Her Sunday School teacher walked over to her and said you are not fat and you are beautiful. As I walked away I wondered whether we are driving our kids crazy? Why would this girl think she was fat? She thinks this because we have told her so if not in word in deed. If you have ever watched any of the programs geared toward teens you will find girls being defined by their weight by their friends and their enemies. ABC Family has a new show coming on called HUGE which is about obese teens at a weight loss camp. In the promos the main character refuses to hate herself because she is fat. So is this what we want to promote self-hatred? Yes, this country has a childhood obesity problem, but everyone is not obese and with the right motivation those that are can become healthy, but how much stress are we putting on our children? Are we encouraging our children to try to lose weight quickly or are we trying to promote healthy eating habits?   I definitely don’t have the answers. My own daughter has asked me to buy her Slim-Fast. Which I won’t, but I know that I can’t just dismiss her concerns. I know she is not fat but everything around her celebrates the Size 0. As a parent I want to fight childhood obesity, but there has got to be a happy medium between Size 0 and obese, and I will keep looking for it.

PETA Ad Bashes the Duggars…Is It Fair?


Why do we even know the Duggars? They have 19 children and they have their own reality show. Does that mean their personal choices should be subject to mocking? Evidently PETA feels it does. Their latest billboard shown above takes dead aim at the Duggar’s lifestyle. It is just the latest in PETA’s mean spirited advertising . They have taken swipes at the overweight, they have used the image of the First Lady without her permission so this is just the latest in their ill-advised strategy. The Duggars made a choice to have the reality show and by doing this they have made themselves fair game. PETA’s response: “The reproduction debate’s heating up as TLC prepares to air the fourth season of its Duggar Family hit, 19 Kids and Counting. This season, the Duggars have upped their clan size from 18 to 19, and it has some arguing yay or nay about the ‘Duggar-style’ approach to reproduction. We say, as long as Jim Bob and Michelle are able to keep a roof over their family’s head and modern-modest clothes on their backs, there’s a far more important reproductive issue at hand. So, we’re offering to run this billboard in the Duggar’s hometown of Tontitown, Arkansas, as well as in nearby Springdale and Fayetteville.”  So PETA can use this approach, but having the right to do something does not make it right.