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Mcdonald’s Manager attacks Mother of Autistic Twins

A Georgia mother took her autistic twins to McDonald’s. She also took their service dog and an off duty McDonald’s manager confronted her. She asked her if the children were blind. When the mother said no the manager told her dogs were not allowed in the restaurant. The mother offered proof that she was allowed to have the animal inside the restaurant but the manager persisted and the situation deteriorated to the point that the manager struck the mother. The McDonald worker Tiffany Allen has since been fired and the trial is pending, but my question is when did it become common for women to engage in fisticuffs? Last night I was watching Basketball Wives LA (which really should be called Basketball former girlfriends, baby mamas, a wannabees) and there was discussion of a fight that had taken place on a previous episode. the interesting thing about the conversation is the women were attacking the one woman who was not involved in the incident. The women were fighting around her and she refused to get involved and somehow she was the villian. We teach our children not to hit each other but so many women lately feel they have to solve conflict by fighting. What fuels this kind of anger? Tell me what you think.