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Brian Williams. Bill O’Reilly and now Robert McDonald…what’s with all the lying?

Are people lying more or are they just getting caught quicker. Robert McDonald, head of Veterans Affairs is the latest one to be caught up by his tongue. he claimed to have been in Special Forces. He later admitted that was not true. So he lied. Is this another so what moment or just another lie. What do you think? No big deal? Share your thoughts.


Geraldo Rivera says Hip Hop has done more damage to black people than racism…really?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

KKK Wednesdays??? UK Krispy Kreme actually thought it was a good idea

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Tammy Meyers, Las Vegas mom, hunted killer before he killed her… does this make a difference?

Last week we heard the tragic story of Tammy Meyers taking her daughter out for driving lessons when she encountered an aggressive driver. We were told he followed her home and shot her in the head. She subsequently died from her injuries, but we have now learned some new facts. She did encounter an aggressive driver but she returned home picked up her son who was armed with a gun and they went out looking for the driver. The driver after being pursued followed them and he did kill her. Does this change anything? Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Marie Harf, State Dept. Spokesman says we need a jobs program Isis…is this naïve or just stupid?

Marie Harf floated the idea that Muslim unrest is due to lack of opportunity. There is no way that lack of jobs would make any sane person partake in the barbaric acts that we have seen Isis perpetrate against the innocents. She repeated this lunacy on a number of outlets last night. Is this just crazy talk or does she really speak for the state’s department? Share your thoughts.

Should Brian Williams be fired?

I watch NBC Nightly News. I like Brian Williams, but he lied to us. He dismissed it as confusion but when you look at the facts he lied. Simple question: should he be fired?


Joni Ernst and her plastic bag shoes are no laughing matter

plastic bag shoes
Last night Senator Joni Ernst gave the GOP response to the president’s State of the Union address. She shared some of her background and she mentioned that as a child she had only one good pair of shoes. She said on rainy days her mother would make her put plastic bags on her shoes to protect them. To some this might seem funny, but to others it shows how one can move beyond their circumstances and achieve great things. This morning on The View Rosie O’Donnell was stunned by this story because Ernst is not an old woman, but this is a modern day problem. Poverty still exist in this country. Poor working people live here, and even if you don’t see them every day you need to know that they are out here trying to make it. So the plastic shoes might sound like something from the I Love Lucy era know that poverty is alive and well in the age of Obama.

Mitt Romney is not used to hearing the word No

After his 2012 defeat Mitt Romney said he would not seek the presidency again. Well that was then and this is now and Romney is making some noise. He is considering another rodeo, but why? Is it his deep sense of country that makes him feel compelled to join the fray or is this a rich man not used to hearing the word no. None of know what is his motivation, but what I do know is this is the man that made the 47% comment. So while he is weighing his options please remember his words.

Mario Cuomo, former New York governor, dead at 82

Vintage Mario Cuomo appearing at the 1984 Democratic convention.

Sears Puts the Hassle in Christmas Shopping

Shopping a few days before Christmas is not for the faint of heart. At this point you need to know where you are going, and you need to know what you want. I knew both of these things when I entered Sears/Land’s End today. Two stores in one. Double the fun or in some cases ours specifically double the trouble. We purchased a dress from Land’s End. The sign said Take an additional 33% off the Reduced Price. When my husband took the dress to the Sear’s checkout the cashier did not take the additional amount off the price. She said the price reflected the savings. We pressed her but she stood her shaky ground and said that was that. We paid the amount shown and we walked away from the counter but we did not let her word become the last word. We saw another employee at the rack from which we pulled the dress from and we asked her to explain the pricing. She told us there should have been an additional savings. She took us over the crowded Land’s End counter where there was only one hard working cashier working. We had to stand in the line after standing in the first line to wait for the price adjustment which we did receive. The problem was the Sears register did not have the barcode necessary to make the price adjustment so instead of checking she just told us no but we decided to take it a step further and we got what we were due, but shopping should not be a hassle because there are too many other options, and next time we will simply opt to not go to the two stores under one roof.


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