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MSNBC Joe Scarborough loves Trump and will defend anything he does

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Where Have You Gone MSNBC? Joe Scarborough Defends Trump Sexual Harassment Of Women

Morning Joe’s Mika calls Michelle Fields case a “joke”

Michelle Fields filed a complaint against Donald Trump’s campaign manager. The prosecution has declined to prosecute, but Mika Brezenski who declares herself an advocate for women took direct personal aim at the victim. We saw the tape and the takedown from what we saw it did not look that bad, but we were not the one on the receiving end of the assault. Mika needs to take a seat. Michelle Fields must not be a member of the Mika tribe because if she were Mika would have more emphathy and less snark.

Interesting how Megyn Kelly can get all up in Rev. Al’s face, but where is this Kelly when she meets with Donald Trump?

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Lesley Stahl questions Hillary Clinton’s grandmother skills…a new level of ridiculousness

Lesley Stahl appearing on Morning Joe engaged in the most ridiculous conversations with the host. She seemingly questioned if Clinton was warm and cozy like grandmothers are supposed to be. Stahl must be stuck in some kind of time warp because here in the present grandmothers have plenty of love, but they also have more things to do besides make cookies and hot chocolate. Sure they still do that, but they also work outside the home. It is bad enough for men to try to make women fit into some kind of convenient box, but it is another level of awful to see women parrot this kind of antiquated drivel. Stahl a 60 Minures correspondent for years should know better and keep her comments confined to politics, and not Clinton’s grandparent skills.



Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blasio joke about CP time, and frankly it is not funny

Not feeling the racial humor. Saw this on Twitter but it did not make it to the news. Imagine if Donald Trump said it. Clinton and De Blasio need to dial it back. They think they have a black pass but they don’t have a right to make this joke and more people need to say it. Share your thoughts.

Morning Joe dismisses Rick Scott…is this any way to treat a guest?

It is amusing to see Joe and Mika play tough guy with Florida Governor Rick Scott, but when Donald Trump does his call ins they simply nod in affirmation. Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Former Democrat Senator Jim Webb will not vote for Clinton but maybe Trump…that says it all

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Did Mitt Romney’s Donald Trump take down accomplish anything?

So did Mitt Romney change any hearts and minds? Share your thoughts.

Is Chris Christie the ultimate opportunist?

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Is Donald Trump a racist? No, he is the frontrunner in the GOP race for the White House

When Donald Trump was asked if he denounced the support of David Duke he said on Friday he did. By Sunday he claimed he didn’t even know who David Duke was. By Monday he claimed he did not hear the question. So what are we to believe? Or is the real question does it even matter. The media has give the Trumpster a pass from day one. he has not been held to any kind of scrutiny. He has been allowed to do and say anything. He has been a ratings boon to the unwatched cable news channels. (Just asks MSNBC Morning Joe) So outrageous has been the name of the game, but a funny thing happened Thursday night. His opponents stop basking in his glow and actually started firing some shots his way. Marco Rubio continued the assault into the weekend and it looked like a couple of brats taking shots at each other. The only thing missing were some “yo Mama” jokes. So will any of this slow Trump’s roll? No, he said months ago he could shoot someone and his followers would still vote for him. So embracing a Klansman won’t change one thing.


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