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Happy Mother’s Day to a Diverse Group of Women

Happy Mother’s Day to Moms, Grandmoms, Big mamas, Godmothers, Moms to be, women who yearn to be,and especially to Moms who have lost their moms. This is a diverse group of women and Mother’s Day affects them all very differently. During this time we are inundated with commercials featuring mom’s receiving breakfast in bed, twirling around in new dresses, receiving diamonds from their mates or simply frolicking in flower filled valleys. Life is beautiful for moms on Mother’s Day, and for many that will be the narrative of the day, but there will also be pain on that day and it is unfair to ignore that group of women. Many will grieve the loss of their mothers. Sure, they will have happy memories that will offer comfort, but their hearts still yearn for the physical smile of the mother that taught them so much. The other day I read this quote “my mother taught me everything except how to live without her”. So, if you know someone who has lost their mom give them a hug and they will appreciate it. Another group of women that are all but ignored are the women in your life who you know have been trying to become a mother and it has simply not happened. They deserve a hug and you can let them know they are in your prayers they need encouragement. Celebrate with the new moms by offering them some help long after the Mother’s Day holiday they will need it, and finally take the day to do whatever you want to do this day is yours enjoy and know that you are part of a group of women that have raised and are continuing to raise people who will rule the world. Happy Mother’s Day from Ebony Mom!

Is Toya Graham the Mother of the Year?

By now everyone has seen the Baltimore mother, Toya Graham “beating” her son. She found him at Mondawmin Mall with a rock in his hand about to participate in the melee at the mall. She grabbed him their encounter has gone viral. Graham is being praised but why? it is interesting that we are witnessing appropriate situational parenting. I say this because if her son had merely been getting off a school bus, and she was using this same form of discipline against him for what she perceived to be wrong she would have been arrested. So the real question is “is corporal punishment wrong?” Or is appropriate in certain situations, and who determines what situation is appropriate? Share your thoughts.

Should all children receive the measles vaccine?

It is a yes or no question. As parents we make the health decisions concerning our children, but what if your decision has a detrimental effect on my child? Is that fair? I think children should be vaccinated what do you think?

Super Bowl 2015 Commercials show Dad’s softer side

Love seeing dads with their children. Not babysitting but doing what real dads do.

Welcome to 2015-Happy New Year from Ebony Mom Politics

Happy New Year! This is the 8th year I have been writing this blog. It’s a new year full of new opportunities. I encourage you to challenge yourself and do something that makes you feel alive. Last year I did not write as much as in years past but 2015 should be an interesting year in politics and I plan on writing about it. Thanks for reading and if you have any tips or suggestions for blog posts send them to me via the comments sections. Happy New Year!

Target accused of turning “Annie” white?

I read the linked story and I could not help but chuckle. Evidently some people are upset with Target regarding their Annie merchandise. They are being accused of a whitewash, but wasn’t the original Annie white and the new version turned her black? Welcome to silly season. They have asked why didn’t they have Quvenzhane Wallis as part of the campaign? Cost might have been a factor, but the real issue here is business. This is not a black/white issue. This is a merchant simply moving merchandise. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Sears Puts the Hassle in Christmas Shopping

Shopping a few days before Christmas is not for the faint of heart. At this point you need to know where you are going, and you need to know what you want. I knew both of these things when I entered Sears/Land’s End today. Two stores in one. Double the fun or in some cases ours specifically double the trouble. We purchased a dress from Land’s End. The sign said Take an additional 33% off the Reduced Price. When my husband took the dress to the Sear’s checkout the cashier did not take the additional amount off the price. She said the price reflected the savings. We pressed her but she stood her shaky ground and said that was that. We paid the amount shown and we walked away from the counter but we did not let her word become the last word. We saw another employee at the rack from which we pulled the dress from and we asked her to explain the pricing. She told us there should have been an additional savings. She took us over the crowded Land’s End counter where there was only one hard working cashier working. We had to stand in the line after standing in the first line to wait for the price adjustment which we did receive. The problem was the Sears register did not have the barcode necessary to make the price adjustment so instead of checking she just told us no but we decided to take it a step further and we got what we were due, but shopping should not be a hassle because there are too many other options, and next time we will simply opt to not go to the two stores under one roof.

There will be a Funeral in Ferguson Today

A parent should never have to bury their child, but today the parents of Michael Brown will have to do that. The nation will debate the shooting but today a family is grieving. Grieving for the life lost and the future never to be realized. In the midst of the controversy the loss seemingly takes a backseat, but as a parent can you imagine what the parents are feeling this morning? This is not a black or white issue this is a parent issue. Today on the day that Brown will be buried let’s call a truce on the war of words. Let’s stop with the thug talk and let’s just respect the parents and the family. They are going to do something incredibly hard today–bury their child and that is a pain no one wants to endure.

Is the Old Spice Mom commercial just plain weird?

Just funny or too weird?

Upworthy.com brought this Elevation Church Moms video to our attention

Being a mother is a full time job and so often mothers think they are failing at this very important job. Elevation church gave moms an opportunity to access how they think they are doing as a mom. The moms were very hard on themselves. The church brought their children in and asked them questions about their moms and the children had words of praise. It is funny how we beat ourselves up so much and the people we love see us so differently. Moms give yourself credit for all you do.