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Halloween At the White House

Yesterday the White House opened its doors to 2,000 children from the DC area. In the midst of recession, war, unemployment and every other problem we face it was good to see children just having fun. There was also a party for the children of the military. Children bring joy and life to any situation and it was just good to see the White House reach out to the littlest  citizens of the United States.

A Little Girl Holds on As Daddy Goes to War


This morning on the Today Show we met a charming 4 year old girl Paige Bennethum. Her father was being deployed to Iraq for a one year tour of duty.  She could not bear to see him go. Her dad was standing in formation and he nor anyone else had the heart to make her leave. This photo brings home the tremendous sacrifice that the families of soldiers make everyday. Our country is currently engaged in two separate wars and so often the rhetoric overshadows the sacrifice, but this picture brings us back to a simple truth. Paige loves her daddy and she does not want to let him go. Tonight I will say a prayer for both of them and everyone else that serves our country. We might disagree on tactics, strategy and politics, but on this day I think we all should salute their courage and sacrifice.

The Reality is Jon and Kate’s Divorce is Not News

Unemployment is about to hit double-digits, Iran is a dangerous powder keg, yesterday a  DC train crash claimed 9 victims and Congress is looking seriously at the real possiblity of universal health care. All of these things are news, and worthy of our attention, but Jon and Kate is not. Over the past few months we have seen their little melodrama play out on the newsstands and on television. They were a little show on TLC with a cult following, but when their story became salacious it became a national obseesion, but it is not worthy of our attention. This is really a personal matter that should be settled within their own four walls, but sadly it will not be. It will be debated, disected and debated again. This is reality tv and it is sad that we have got to go through this with them because the ratings are going through the roof and that’s what really matters.