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Isn’t it time to stop asking what would Dr. King say?

Today we observe the birthday of a great American, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His contribution to the civil rights movement is incalculable.  He is an American hero, but he has been dead for almost 50 years, and people are still asking in times of crisis “what would Dr. King say?”  People who knew him well and people who did not know him at all are ready to respond on his behalf, but this does him a disservice. So many of the people who were around him have evolved on issues but King still has the opinions he had in 1968? No one knows what King would have been like had his life not been cut short.  So why do we keep asking the question? King was relevant in his day, but his day has past. We can revere his memory, but we have to look forward not backward as we face the problems of this century.


April 4, 1968-The day Martin Luther King was killed…48 years, what has changed?

Martin Luther King’s birthday is a national holiday. It is worthy of celebration but, April 4, 1968 is also significant it is the day King was killed. King was in Memphis working with the garbage workers. The simple slogan on their picket signs said I AM A MAN. A simple theme that still resonates 48 years later. What makes a man? Is it the ability to take care of himself and his family? Or is it taking responsibility for the family you create? Is it having a full time job that covers your bills, and lets you save a little for the rainy day that is sure to come? This was the desire of the men picketing 48 years ago. King lost his life in the fight for justice, but sadly in 2016 too many black men are still posing the same questions over 4 decades later. it is unfair to say nothing has change in 48 years because that is simply not true, but for there are too many men in 2016 that could still wear the sign.Share your thoughts.

Do you think Dr. King could be heard in our society?

MLK Memorial 006
Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lived this quote. He was fearless in the face of an ever present danger. He railed against the system, but never showed rancor. Yes, he showed anger, but he never disrespected people. He did not demonize his opposition, but he tried to bring those who opposed him to his way of thinking. It is amazing to see what he achieved and in inspired in his short lifetime. He had a dream but he can not simply be relegated to the role of a dreamer. He was a man of faith who knew faith without works is dead faith. He fulfilled his purpose, but we are left here with work to do. We can not wax poetic about his works that would be a disservice to the legacy. We to stop merely observing life’s ills, but seeing how we can change the people in our world. We probably will not stand on the big stage like Dr. King, but if we stand on our personal podiums and do the work we all can help change the world.

Martin Luther King Jr. was an ordinary man who did extraordinary things

mlk fan
The Martin Luther King Jr. fan was a staple in the black church. He looked serene and angelic and we revered him. He was celebrated, but at some point the celebration turned into adoration, and he became high and lifted up, but he was just a man. He was mortal and he had all the human flaws that we all struggle with and against, but he made a decision to do something. He could have had a comfortable life free from controversy, but that is not the path he followed. What is your path? What do you see in your world that is worthy of changing? We often say I can’t do everything, but is the other option to do nothing? For far too many years we have tried to measure up to an ideal and that is not fair to us nor was it fair to him. The church fan is a thing of the past and hopefully so is the adoration. We can still admire the man and his work, but let’s not forget he was that a man with a mission. He accepted his… now what are we going to do?


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GOP and Dems Sing We Shall Overcome on the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act…is this what unity looks like?

When I saw this today I thought about something my pastor says,”you can tie the tales of two cats together and they will be unified, but they will not be in unity.”*

*No cats were harmed in this analogy.

Oliver Stone says the King Family wants to preserve his Sainthood

Interesting article.

Martin Luther King goes from Church Fan to Twerking?

Back in the day Martin Luther King graced the cover of church fans all over the country. Dr. King was a revered figure who was held in the highest regard in the community and especially the church. After his death it was not uncommon to see pictures of him intermingled with family pictures sitting proudly on the mantel in many a black home. Who can forget the pictures of MLK, JFK and Jesus. The reverance might have been a little over the top, but he was hero to black people and he was fought for the civil and human rights of all people. The first few years of his birthday being a national holdiay were time for reflecting on his work. Churches would have services in his honor, urban cities held parades and schools and federal and state offices received another holiday. What a way to celebrate a man, but cut to 2014. Well, this is something that started a few years ago but this year it jumped the shark. Now some people have decided to take King’s face and show him twerking, drinking and even flashing gang signs. What has happened to people? Is this anyway to treat a hero? Sure we know that King was no saint and we are not trying to make him one, but he does not deserve to be treated this way? So often I have written posts about commercials that were racially insensitive and I have asked the rhetorical question” who was in the room when this got approved?” Now I have to ask who was in the room when these flyers were released? What black person in their right mind thought this was acceptable? Bring back the church fan.

Dr. Alveda King Joins King Center CEO Bernice King in Urging a ‘No Shots Fired’ for MLK Day Mandate

ATLANTA, Jan. 14, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ — “What better way is there to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. than to compel people to forsake gun violence, fist violence and verbal violence for at least a day,” said Dr. Alveda King, Founder of Alveda King Ministries and Director of African American Outreach for Priests for Life. Her cousin Elder Bernice King is King Center CEO and daughter of Dr. MLK and wife Coretta Scott King. “I agree with Bernice that nonviolence is a key to social change, and I add that the more lasting change of hearts is connected to this effort,” said Alveda. In a recent announcement, Bernice King made an appeal to the world to forsake violence on MLK day, and indeed is calling for a 100 Days of Nonviolence Campaign. The King Center is amassing an impressive list of partners in these efforts to curtail violence, including The Atlanta Hawks. For instance, The King Center and the Atlanta Hawks professional basketball team have joined in a partnership campaign to urge high school students to “Choose Nonviolence” as a way of life and a meaningful way to celebrate the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.
Other groups such as the musical Awspire Entertainment Group featuring ICONIC JOURNEY are adding to the effort by contributing the use of original tunes such as LET FREEDOM RING, AMERICA RECOVERS and an inspirational ballad COME TOO FAR to the lineup of artistic entertainment at several events during King Week. “It is so encouraging that my hometown Atlanta Hawks are partnering with The King Center and providing leadership to encourage young people to embrace nonviolence in commemorating the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday,” said Ms. Bernice A. King, C.E.O. of The King Center. “Professional athletes have unique credibility with young people, and when they take a stand against violence, it resonates throughout the community.”
Alveda is also excited about the Nonviolence activities, adding this: “I’ll be boots on the ground on Uncle M. L.’s actual birthday, January 15, for the Choose Nonviolence: NOW! No Other Way! events, the Launch of 100 Days of Nonviolence and will be addressing the evil impact of genocide on the panel for The State of Nonviolence: From Chaos to Community (A Dialogue on Human Trafficking). Then on Friday, I can’t wait to hear “The Message in the Music” at the Musical Tribute honoring the legacy of my uncle. I pray that thousands will join us, either by attending or at least amping up the social media efforts.”The ‘Choose Nonviolence- No Shots Fired’ campaign will challenge high school students in the Atlanta Metro Area to participate in the #CHOOSENONVIOLENCE CAMPAIGN by posting on the following social media platforms from Monday Jan. 6, 2014 — Friday Jan. 17, 2014:
•Change your social media profile to the “No Shots Fired” Logo.
•Post on Instagram (picture or video) why you believe it is important to choose nonviolence. You can post submissions on Twitter as well.
•Use the hash tags #ATLHAWKS with #CHOOSENONVIOLENCE Eligible submissions will be randomly chosen and awarded tickets to attend the Atlanta Hawks vs the Miami Heat game on Jan. 20, 2014 at 5:30 PM.

For more detailed information about the MLK birthday observance program, please contact Bunnie Jackson-Ransom at (404) 505-8188 or via email at bjr@fclassinc.com or call Steve Klein at sklein@thekingcenter.org.

Is this any way to honor Martin Luther King?

mlk twerk
Is this how we honor the visionary? Read the linked story and share your thoughts.