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Isn’t it time to stop asking what would Dr. King say?

Today we observe the birthday of a great American, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His contribution to the civil rights movement is incalculable.  He is an American hero, but he has been dead for almost 50 years, and people are still asking in times of crisis “what would Dr. King say?”  People who knew him well and people who did not know him at all are ready to respond on his behalf, but this does him a disservice. So many of the people who were around him have evolved on issues but King still has the opinions he had in 1968? No one knows what King would have been like had his life not been cut short.  So why do we keep asking the question? King was relevant in his day, but his day has past. We can revere his memory, but we have to look forward not backward as we face the problems of this century.


Is the SNL MLK skit funny?

Watch the skit and share your thoughts.

Why is the Dr. King holiday still a source of controversy?

Dr. King’s holiday was this past Monday. This is a federal holiday, but some schools in South Carolina held classes. They said the King holiday was being used as a makeup for a snow day. Why didn’t they take a day off of the spring break or add a day at the end of the school year? Why was the solution to take King Day? Why is this day still so controversial? I was discussing this with my uncle this morning and I believe it is because too many people are alive now that still remember Dr. King, and all of those memories are not so fond. Dr. King was no saint, but he was the leader of a non-violent movement for change and that is why we honor him, but there are people currently in elected office who remember when he was called Martin Luther “Coon”. It is hard to reconcile this with the fact that this man has been honored with a national holiday.  As more and more people who lived through the movement pass on maybe the next generation can concentrate on the good deeds. There will come a day when people will no longer denigrate the day they will simply commemorate the day. That is my dream and we learned from the visionary Dr. King that big, audacious dreams do come true.

MLK in a Wet suit…Disrespectful or Bad Decision?

“A surf shop in Laguna Beach has discontinued a controversial sale featuring a promotion using a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. The advertisement showed King in a wetsuit, offering a 20 percent discount for black-colored items, such as wetsuits or board shorts bought online. The promotion by the Thalia Surf Shop led to a blasting by civil rights leader Earl Ofari Hutchinson, president of the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable.” Was this an attempt to demean the legacy of Dr. King? I don’t think so I think it was stupid but not racist, but have you seen Presidents Washington and Lincoln’s likeness’ used for commercial gain in ways that are not presidential? The answer is yes, but since the King Day is relatively new and so many of the public remember him there is a need to respect the man and the legacy, but this to me was simply poor taste not racism. Watch the link and tell me what you think. http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/video?id=7906304&syndicate=syndicate&section=

Do You Remember the Martin Luther King Jr. Fan?

I grew up in the black church and this was the pre air-conditioned black church so we used cardboard fans. The funeral homes provided the fans as a courtesy and prior to King’s death they had pictures of their buildings or their fleets of hearses, but after King died they used a photo of King that made him look almost angelic. That same picture was made into prints that were framed and could be seen in many homes throughout the community. King was idolized by so many, but over the years we have accepted that while he was a true visionary he was still just a man. He was a man that found something worth fighting for, and ultimately that same thing led to his untimely death.  We all have the ability to do something to help somebody beside the people that live in our homes. It is up to each of us to find that thing that touches our spirit and inspires us to do something to honor the man on the church fan.