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Miss Oklahoma Believes in State’s rights…did answer cost her the crown?

Another year, another pageant, another controversial answer. Last night Miss Michigan, Rim Fakih was named Miss USA. The first runner up Morgan Elizabeth Woolard was asked by Cesar Nunez of The Office, to comment on Arizona’s new immigration law. She said she supports state’s rights and some have said her opinion might have cost her the crown. It is reminiscient of last year when celebrity blogger Perez Hilton put Carrie Prejean on blast by asking her about gay marriage. My question is why are these women being asked questions that would best be posed to lawmakers. Let’s get serious these pageants are about beauty and poise. Just take one look at the lingerie photos the contestants took this year. So to turn this folly into political theater seems ridiculous and are the contestants judged on how they answer the question or are they punished for expressing an honest opinion. I have real problems with the Arizona law, but leave the Meet the Press questioning for David Gregory not a comedian from The Office. Tell me what you think.

Carrie Prejean…You’re Fired

Carrie Prejean is now the former Miss California. She was fired today by the California pagent officials, but it had the sanction of The Donald. Prejean has been the center of controversy since she answered a controversial question at the pagent. Blogger Perez Hilton asked what were her views on gay marriage and she said she believed that marriage should be between a man and a woman. This answer landed her in the center of a storm and it is probably the reason she was fired today. The committee said she was not fulfilling her obligations but no pageant wants to be dragged into this kind of controversy, and it simply was not expedient to fire her in the middle of the storm, but the storm is over now. and Prejean could  be quietly shown the door.

Miss California’s Skeletons Are Coming Out of the Closet

Miss California has become the darling of the right wing since she gave her answer concerning gay marriage at the Miss USA pageant. She said she does not believe in same sex marriage. She has a right to her opinion and some believe that opinion cost her the title. She was embraced by the right wing and she became the official spokesperson of for the National Organization for Marriage. Recently some pictures have surfaced of Miss California topless and now Miss California is crying foul. Well when you put yourself out there you better expect to take a punch. The organization probably regrets jumping so quickly on her bandwagon. She espoused one issue and that was their one issue and they readily embraced her without fully vetting her. You can not have it both ways.  Some say these pictures might even cost her the Miss California title.You can’t be Miss Purity on one side and then when your other side is exposed say that it was a youthful indiscretion. Miss California should have asked herself WWJD prior to taking the photos, and he would have said “not this”.

Miss California Took A Stand, and it Probably Cost her the Crown

Sunday night the Miss USA pageant was held. Miss California was asked if she believed gay marriage should be the law of the land? The judge that posed the question was gay blogger Perez Hilton. She responded that she believed that marriage should be between a man and a woman. What is interesting is this is the same opinion that then candidate Barack Obama expressed on the campaign trail. She did not win and she contends her answer to the question cost her the crown. Hilton has since called her “stupid” on his video blog. The fact is Hilton probably gave her a low rating after her response, but that opens up another issue. On this kind of contest should the contestant be penalized for what they think or is this a beauty pageant? If the judges are not analyzing looks why are the contestants parading around in swimsuits? Are they being judged on poise when answering a question or is it content? The beauty of America is that opposing viewpoints are tolerated, but with every action there is a reaction. The beauty contestant had a right to speak her mind and Hilton had a right to vote his conscience.