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Mike Tyson the “prostitute hunter” is headed to Broadway

Spike Lee what are you thinking? Lee is taking Mike Tyson to Broadway. Here is a clip from yesterday’s Today Show. Do you think Tyson is ready for an unscripted format or should Lee film this and edit it before the show is put under the hot lights of Broadway?


Is Mike Tyson the new Joe Louis?

I have been watching the NBA finals and Jimmy Kimmel does a pre-game show which features a segment by Mike Tyson.  I remember my parents used to talk about Joe Louis and what a fantastic fighter he was. Louis made a lot of money back in the day but he spent his last days sitting outside of a Las vegas casino as a greeter. Louis boxed during a time when sound financial advice was not readily available. So I am not faulting him for his financial demise.  However, seeing him in that position was a sad sight to his fans. That’s how I feel when I watched Tyson on the Kimmel show. I don’t feel the crowd is laughing with him, but laughing at him and that is sad. How could Tyson have made so much money over the course of his career and end up being the butt of a joke?