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Mike McQueary says he told Joe Paterno about Sandusky Abuse

Mike McQueary said today he did tell Coach Joe Paterno that he saw Jerry Sandusky doing something of a sexual nature in the Penn State shower. If this is true what does this say about the beloved coach and Penn State? There is no need to ask why we all know why and that is what makes it an even sadder scenerio. We rail against the money that goes into the pockets of the members of Congress, but we need to take a good look at the money that is funneled into the schools that are perenial winners because there is some real crime being swept under the rugs in our higher institutions of learning.


McQueary Story Says A Lot About Us

I read this story by Jason Whitlock. A very interesting and controversial take on Mike McQueary. Read it and tell me what you think.


Is Mike McQueary having a Case of Conscience?

When the grand jury report on the Penn State scandal came out we learned that assistant coach Mike McQueary was an eye witness to Jerry Sandusky raping a young boy. Since that many have wondered out loud how could McQueary a 6’4” strapping 28 year old man have seen this and not intervened. The testimony stated that he saw it and he left to call his father. How could he do that? Over the past few days he has been vilified for his inaction. So now McQueary claims he did tell the campus police and the county police, but both entities say they have no record of McQueary speaking to them. So who is telling the truth? Hopefully time will tell, but perhaps finally McQueary’s conscience is kicking his butt. This morning on the Today Show we learned that after the incident McQueary attended one benefit event sponsored by Sandusky. Could you go to an invent sponsored by a pedophile that you had caught in the act? McQueary’s stories are simply not adding up. It is sad that this case of conscience seems to have appeared when the act is exposed, but for the 9 years in which none of us knew it seemed that McQueary had no problem palling around with this alleged pedophile.

Mike McQueary Was A Grown Man When He Saw the Assault…He should have stopped it

The Penn State story is about death. The death of innocence and the death of a football program. Sure Penn State will keep playing games and probably continue to be a contender, but it will never be the same. When they played over the weekend the decision was made to put Mike McQueary on indefinate adminstrative leave. He is the burly, 28 year old man at the time that witnessed Sandusky brutally attacking the 10 year old boy and he did nothing to stop him. I read the following link on The Daily Beast and some in the close knit community are saying McQueary’s inability to stop him stemmed from the fact that Sandusky was not some “random” guy, he was like family. Really, so if you saw a family member doing this to a child it is accepatable not to intervene. It has been so interesting to watch grown men cry over the lost of a program, the lost of a coach, but the big story here is about lost, but it is the lost of innocence and that has nothing to do with the team or Coach Paterno. Read the link and please not there is profanity in the linked article.