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Donald Trump thanks his supporters MSNBC “Morning Joe”

Morning Joe has provided an unfettered platform for Donald Trump. He has been allowed to appear on their show via telephone more than any other GOP candidate. they ask him an initial question then it is open mike for The Donald. Last week Joe launched into the Marco Rubio take down, and Chris Christie picked up the baton and destroyed Rubio at the debate. Christie looked like the big bully picking on Rubio, but Trump just stood their and watched Christie take care of his assignment. Things worked out well for Trump and this morning Trump thanked Joe and Mika for their support. They attempted to clarify what Trump meant but he actually said what he meant. They actively supported him and that is not what a “news” show should be doing, but that is what they did. So a thank you was more than appropriate it was well deserved. Share your thoughts.


Is Morning Joe a Chauvinist?

Things got heated on the set of Morning Joe when Mika, the perennial woman on the set seemingly called her boss, Joe Scarborough a chauvinist. They were discussing the lack of diversity in President Obama’s cabinet, and the conversation took a turn, and Joe got agitated at the thought that his co-host had called him the dreaded c-word. The next segment was devoid of the show’s namesake and when we did see him again Mika was offering an apology for the comments that the show’s host perceived to be insulting. It is truly interesting that Joe can say anything and everything about anybody but, if you say something about him an apology is necessary for the show to go on. Joe might not be a chauvinist, but he is the boss and Mika needs to remember you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.


Lawerence O’Donnell is My Kind of Liberal

On Morning Joe today one of their guest was the former speech writer to President Bush, Marc Thiessen.  Thiessen has written a book entitled: Courting Disaster: How the CIA Kept America Safe and How Barack Obama is Inviting the Next Attack.  When Joe Scarborough read the title immediately Mika Brzenzinki objected to the title, but they let Thiessen explain his premise, and then Lawerence O’Donnell let loose and said that Thiessen’s boss had invited the first attack (9/11) by ignoring vital information that could have stopped the attack, and then it was on. Scarbourough tried to quiet O’Donnell and when that was not possible they cut to break, and Scarbourough said he would do the interview himself. I must say I was proud of O’Donnell taking on Thiessen. Far too often I have seen liberals listen politely to things said by right wingers that are simply factually untrue. The president has a different way of dealing with the issue of terorism than the cowboy tactics employed by the last administration, but his style can not and should not be characterized as an invitation to an attack, and I am glad O’Donnell did not simply sit mute as Thiessen spouted his right wing paronoia. Scarborough objected to O’Donnell’s yelling at the guest, but Scarborough did not just meet O’Donnell today he knew who he was getting when he invited O’Donnell to the table, and O’Donnell did not disappoint.