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Miley Cyrus is a grown woman not a role model

For 2 days talking heads have been talking about Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance. Unless you have been under a rock you have probably seen it if not go to Youtube. It was shocking, but shock like sex sells and show attracted 10 million viewers and that translates into dollars. It’s about money. Cyrus has a new song to push and all of this free publicity helps her cause. I have heard some say she looked lost, disturbed and someone even suggested she might have an eating disorder. All of this is opinion, but one thing that is a fact is Miley Cyrus is a grown woman who is making her own career decisions. She retired Hannah Montana a long time ago but so many mothers and daughters refuse to accept the retirement. I have seen young girls expressing their sadness regarding their tarnished hero, but a couple of years ago Cyrus did a pole dance at this same award show. Wasn’t that enough to say Hannah doesn’t live here anymore. Cyrus is not crazy. She is an entertainer. We might not like a choices, but we all have the choice of turning away, tuning off the set or turning to another teen star. Hannah Montana is dead. She has gone to sitcom heaven never to return, and we are left with reality and that is adult entertainer Miley Cyrus.


Is Morning Joe a Chauvinist?

Things got heated on the set of Morning Joe when Mika, the perennial woman on the set seemingly called her boss, Joe Scarborough a chauvinist. They were discussing the lack of diversity in President Obama’s cabinet, and the conversation took a turn, and Joe got agitated at the thought that his co-host had called him the dreaded c-word. The next segment was devoid of the show’s namesake and when we did see him again Mika was offering an apology for the comments that the show’s host perceived to be insulting. It is truly interesting that Joe can say anything and everything about anybody but, if you say something about him an apology is necessary for the show to go on. Joe might not be a chauvinist, but he is the boss and Mika needs to remember you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.


Mika Brzezinski calls out Mitt Romney on the “Binders Full of Women” Lie

During the debate Mitt Romney claimed that during his tenure as governor of Massachusetts he sought out qualified women for high level positions in his cabinet. He said they received binders full of women, but the binders were actually presented to him and would have been presented to his opponent if he had won. He did not seek them out as he said in the debate. Morning Joe Mika Brzenzinski called romney out on the lie but the men at the table seem to almost dismiss her concerns. Watch the clip and share your thoughts.