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Was Trump supporter Pastor Burns treated fairly on Morning Joe?

Was Mika Brzenzinki a little aggressive in her questioning of Pastor Burns? Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Morning Joe’s Mika calls Michelle Fields case a “joke”

Michelle Fields filed a complaint against Donald Trump’s campaign manager. The prosecution has declined to prosecute, but Mika Brezenski who declares herself an advocate for women took direct personal aim at the victim. We saw the tape and the takedown from what we saw it did not look that bad, but we were not the one on the receiving end of the assault. Mika needs to take a seat. Michelle Fields must not be a member of the Mika tribe because if she were Mika would have more emphathy and less snark.

Rap Music does not give you license to use the n-word and the Morning Joe crew should know better

By now you have seen the SAE video of two young men leading the racist chant that everyone is talking about. The boys have been expelled and their fraternity has been closed. Now comes the dime store analysis that has been freely given on all the networks. The big question is why would they laughingly spew these vile lyrics. Who taught them? One of the boys said that he that alcohol fueled his behavior and some are blaming rap music, but is that fair? Yes rappers throw the n-word around like it is a hot potato but most thinking people don’t follow suit. Notice I did not say that color gives you license. It is a vile word, but it is no excuse. The Morning Joe crew tried to access blame to a rapper who has cancelled an upcoming concert at OU. It’s not his fault. We all have free speech, but there are consequences for that speech and the two newly expelled boys are responsible for their own situation.

Jonathan Capehart and Gov. Chris Christie clash on Morning Joe

Morning Joe facilitated a lively exchange this morning between Gov. Chris Christie and openly gay Washington Post editorial writer, Jonathan Capehart. Christie recently vetoed a gay marriage bill and said the gay marriage issue should be decided by the voters not the legislature. However, he did say he supports civil unions. Capehart challenged him and said that he views gay rights as civil rights. Even when Joe Scarborough brought up imagery of the deep south with the water hoses, Bull Connor, church bombings Capehart stood by his contention that gay rights was akin to civil rights. Christie said that he has the same position as President Obama, but he is criticized, but the president is celebrated. Capehart countered by saying the president’s position is “evolving”. Is this a word game or does Christie have a point? Read the link and watch the clip, and tell me what you think.

Chris Christie calls Washington Post Eugene Robinson Out on Morning Joe

Last year when Chris Christie was one of the people that many among the GOP wanted to see run for president. Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson wrote a biting article that suggested the New Jersey governor needed to “eat a salad and take a walk”. He also questioned whether Christie was disciplined enough to be president. When Robinson appeared on Morning Joe a few days after the piece ran the Morning Joe crew took him to task about the assertions he made. Today Christie appeared on Morning Joe and he talked about an interview Oprah did with him in which he discussed his struggle with weight, but he also took the opportunity to take a shot at Robinson. He called Robinson an “ignoramus” not once but twice. Willie Geist was the only one that stood up for Robinson and he simply said “we love Eugene Robinson.” This is not a post in defense of Robinson the bigger issue here is Christie. Robinson’s characterization of Christie might have been off the mark, but Christie’s weight is not what will stop him from becoming president. His bigger problem is his temperament. Christie is a bully. He challenges anyone who questions his authority. He berates constituents. He is infamous for name calling. He is loud and rude. That might work in New Jersey, but on the national stage you have got to keep that temper in check. Some are suggesting that Christie might be a great running mate for Mitt Romney, and I don’t doubt he would be great on the campaign trail, but at some point you come off the trail, and it does not look like Christie plays well with others or maybe I should say people who challenge him.
ROBINSON’S RESPONSE: I stand by what I said that obesity is a problem and that diet and exercise are part of the solution. If Gov. Christie disagrees, I wonder who’s the ignoramus?”

Does Joe Scarborough Talk too much?

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzenzinki anchor the show Morning Joe. Joe tends to dominate the discussion and he has been known to cut his co-anchor off in mid sentence. I always thought if the show bears your name you are the star, and the star gets the shine. I never looked at it as an act of sexism but some are seeing it as such. Read the link and tell me what you think. http://www.politicsdaily.com/2010/12/17/morning-joe-and-eliot-spitzer-know-how-to-keep-women-quiet/?a_dgi=aolshare_email

Did Virginia Thomas really want an apology from Anita Hill?

It’s been almost 20 years since the Clarence Thomas hearings. Why didn’t Ginny Thomas just let sleeping dogs lie. I remember watching the hearings and I was convinced that Anita Hill was telling the truth, but I also remember being embarrassed as she shared the details of her story, and I thought why would she subject herself to this scrutiny if this were not the truth. People still feel very passionate about the hearings. On Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough said Thomas was unfairly victimized on “unfounded allegations” but whether you believe Hill or not one can not dismiss her testimony as unfounded.  Some have said that Thomas was treated this way because he was a conservative, but I don’t buy that explanation. The reality is most sexual harassment is not done in the open where everyone can see it. It is generally done one on one and the two people involved are really the only two who actually know what transpired. So almost twenty years later and people are still bitterly divided, but why is this wound being re-opened and who made us revisit this incident? Ginny Thomas brought this issue back to the national conversation. She made a call on a Saturday at 7:30AM. So she really did not want to talk to Hill she wanted to leave a message, but what was her expectation? She had to know there would be no apology because Hill is comfortable with her own truth. Perhaps Thomas is trying to rewrite history and clear the stain from her husband’s legacy, but did she really believe Hill was ready to kiss and makeup? It was inappropriate for her to even approach Hill. What happened involved her husband and Hill and she should not have attempted to stir in it. She has made us start a new conversation about a painful period and just like 1991 some will believe him and some will believe her. We will never know what really happened and frankly we would have been happy not to have to discuss this incident again.

How did Pastor Terry Jones become the President’s problem?

Over the past few days we have seen Pastor Terry Jones defend his decision to burn copies of the Koran on September 11th. Yesterday he had agreed to stand down after meeting with a representative from the local Muslim community, but when he claimed that representative had told him the mosque near Ground Zero would be moved if he agreed to call off the Koran burning we knew this was far from over. The New York developers of the mosque said they had not agreed to these terms. Now Jones is saying the Koran burning might still actually take place. Today on Morning Joe the discussion centered around the President and how he should intervene in this situation. Pat Buchanan, whose full-time job is to bash the president, said the president should show true leadership and stop this guy. Arrest him if he has to, but is the American way? The fact is Jones has the right to burn the books if he wants to, but he shouldn’t. He has been warned by Secretary Gates, Secretary of State Clinton, Attorney General Eric Holder and the President, but he seems undeterred. He has been told he will have blood on his hands, but he accepts no responsibility. He is a zealot crackpot and it is unfair to say failure of the President’s direct intervention indicates a lack of leadership. In the past Buchanan has said the president should not shoot down, but now he encourages the president to do just that. NBC journalist Terry Sanders said this morning the damage to America is already done. The Muslim community has followed the antics of Pastor Jones very carefully and they do not like the vitriolic comments that have flowed out of the pastor’s mouth regarding their faith. The actual act of burning the books would be the final chapter, but the book on this situation is already written and Jones has painted our country as the villain, but let’s not let partisan politicians take the opportunity to use this against our president. Jones is acting within his rights as a citizen of this country. He is exercising his rights, what he proposes is morally wrong and un-Christian. If he really asked himself What Would Jesus Do he would know the answer would be Not This!

Lawerence O’Donnell is My Kind of Liberal

On Morning Joe today one of their guest was the former speech writer to President Bush, Marc Thiessen.  Thiessen has written a book entitled: Courting Disaster: How the CIA Kept America Safe and How Barack Obama is Inviting the Next Attack.  When Joe Scarborough read the title immediately Mika Brzenzinki objected to the title, but they let Thiessen explain his premise, and then Lawerence O’Donnell let loose and said that Thiessen’s boss had invited the first attack (9/11) by ignoring vital information that could have stopped the attack, and then it was on. Scarbourough tried to quiet O’Donnell and when that was not possible they cut to break, and Scarbourough said he would do the interview himself. I must say I was proud of O’Donnell taking on Thiessen. Far too often I have seen liberals listen politely to things said by right wingers that are simply factually untrue. The president has a different way of dealing with the issue of terorism than the cowboy tactics employed by the last administration, but his style can not and should not be characterized as an invitation to an attack, and I am glad O’Donnell did not simply sit mute as Thiessen spouted his right wing paronoia. Scarborough objected to O’Donnell’s yelling at the guest, but Scarborough did not just meet O’Donnell today he knew who he was getting when he invited O’Donnell to the table, and O’Donnell did not disappoint.

Pat O’Brien Should Not Be Doing Any Name Calling

 This morning Pat O’Brien was a guest panelist on Morning Joe. They discussed the Limbaugh controversy, and the fact that some of the information regarding Limbaugh on Wikipedia is supposedly inaccurate. That might be true, but O’Brien made a statement that was a little disturbing. He said you have these people sitting in their basements in their pajamas just writing anything. Not all bloggers are just sitting writing nonsense some are very careful and do not deliberately write things that are untrue, but to have O’Brien casting aspersions at anyone is simply too much. The former host of “The Insider,” was demoted to a correspondent after several stints in rehab, infuriated his bosses when he sent out an ill-advised e-mail to his “Insider” and “Entertainment Tonight” co-workers, which boasted of his own popularity. The e-mail also said one of “Insider” host Lara Spencer’s segments on the show makes viewers “want to vomit.” O’Brien was finally fired so long story short he should just be glad he was invited to speak anywhere, and he should remember when you live in a glass house keep the stones in your pocket.