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Questlove Admits Lying About the Bachmann Song Choice

When Michele Bachmann appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show in November the band played the song Lying Ass Bitch to greet her entrance. Questlove the bandleader said the song was a spur of the moment decision, but he contradicts himself in the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone. He said that he had made the decision in advance and simply had not told Fallon. Questlove has admitted he lied. So what do you think. Should he be fired?

The Donald Trump Debates are not about the GOP…they are about him

If I didn’t know better I would think Donald Trump had secret files on the GOP contenders. Why else would a credible candidate consent to be a part of a debate moderated by The Donald? He is a showman who knows how to position his name and his product for maximum exposure, but who made him a kingmaker? To see the GOP contenders bowing to his highness is beyond disconcerting. Trump is a proud birther and that alone should be enough for credible candidates to turn down the invite. The real GOP which includes Karl Rove, George Will and Charles Krauthammer have labeled this event “a joke” not a debate. Trump’s response to the criticism is to call them “hacks”. Senator John McCain has come out against the idea of a Trump debate I guess he is a hack too. My question today is should the GOP rivals take part in the Trump debates? Tell me what you think.

Questlove in Now Feeling the Wrath of the Tea Party

Michelle Bachmann was recently a guest on the Jimmy Fallon show. Questlove the band leader sent out a cryptic tweet regarding the song the band would be playing to greet her. the song was Lying Ass Bitch. Once the song title was revealed the apologies flowed, and now Questlove is receiving hateful tweets from the Tea party. Is he a victim or is the criticism deserved?

The conservatives must really hate Mitt Romney

Is this for real? The conservatives just can not seem to warm up to the frontrunner, Mitt Romney. They have had love affairs with Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Herman Cain and now the brand new Newt, but they still yearn for something different. Could Sarah be the Savior? If so Lord help us all.

Michele Bachmann was disrespected on Jimmy Fallon’s show

Michele Bachmann appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show last night and the band played the song “Lying Ass Bitch” as she walked to her seat. The drummer bragged about his choice of songs via Twitter. This was simply wrong. Bachmann was an invited guest and for that reason alone she deserved to be respected. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/22/roots-welcome-bachmann-wi_n_1107751.html

Did CBS do Michele Bachmann wrong?

If you have watched the GOP debates which I have you know that the candidates that are at the top of the heap are positioned center stage. The candidates that are not polling well are relagated to the end of the stage. Jon Huntsman called it “Siberia” Saturday night. As Michele Bachmann’s numbers have plummeted she has been moved left of center, but is it fair to send out a memo saying that she is non-factor and she will not be getting many questions and please don’t make her our after the debated interview? Now this might not be an issue if this had been kept between the CBS staff, but somehow this got into the hands of a member of Team Bachmann. So now the question is this was Bachmann done wrong or is this just an established practice? Read the link and tell me what you think.


Occupy South Carolina Interupts Michele Bachmann rally…does this help their cause?

Occupy South Carolina interuppted a Michele Bachmann rally. Do they actually think this helps their movement? It is one thing to camp out in a park and articulate your demands, but it is another thing to come to a meeting and literally takeover. So what do you think. Are the Occupiers out of line or are they simply attempting to take their message to different and divers venues.

Note to the GOP Presidential Candidates: Foreign Policy Matters

The economy is the issue of the election, but it is not the only issue. Foreign policy still matters and if one of the GOP contenders occupies the White House he or she is going to have to know something about foreign matters. Michele Bachmann made a statement that indicated she did not know Libya was in Africa and Herman Cain has seemingly reveled in his lack of knowledge. Not all of them have this dearth of knowledge, but sadly the ones that know the most: Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman are not contenders. This morning Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post offers an interesting perspective on the dearth of foreign policy knowledge.

Why did Michele Bachmann go on the Jay Leno show?

I just don’t get it. Why did Michele Bachmann go on the Tonight Show? It used to be safe for a politician to go on a comedy or variety show. Bill Clinton went on the Arsenial Hall show back in the day and he played his saxophone. The end result of the visit is that the candidate was cool, but those days are gone. Now everyone is an activist and you simply are not going to go on one these shows and come out unscathed. In this case Leno asked her to explain her stance on gay marriage. This question has been asked and answered. She is not going to change and he has his point of view and he is not going to change. So what was the point of the exchange? Tell me what you think.

Did Rick Perry get more from Merck than $5000?

At Monday night’s Republican debate Michele Bachmann called Rick Perry out regarding his executive order that 12 year old Texas girls get the HPV vaccine. She said that the governor had received contribution from the drug company Merck. Gov. Perry responded that he only received $5000 and he was offended to think he could be bought off for such a small amount. Over the past couple of days it seems that Perry is more connected to the drug company than he previously admitted. Seems like Perry has got some explaining to do.