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Tea party Candidate Al Reynolds says Black Men Just Want to Sell Drugs

Illinois Senate Tea Party candidate Al Reynolds says black men just want to sell drugs. According to him they don’t want education or jobs they simply just want to sling. Watch the clip and tell me your thoughts.


President Obama attempts to Fire Up the Faithful on the Tom Joyner Morning Show

This morning President Obama was a guest on the Tom Joyner Morning Show and what a difference two years in the White House makes. Joyner was geeked up and ready to be inspired but the president seemingly did not seem as charged as Joyner. Sure he said the right things but he just sounded a bit weary. He is no longer the candidate Obama of 2008 he is now the president and he bears the weight of that office on his shoulders. President Obama said he was “Fired up and ready to go, …because it is – we’ve got a big election on November 2nd, and I just want everybody listening to “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” – I don’t care where you live, anywhere in the country – I need you to show up and vote on November 2nd because everything that we’re trying to do, from helping young people afford college to making sure that folks have health care to trying to get jobs back in our communities, all that is going to depend on me having folks in Congress who want to move this country forward, as opposed to moving it backward.” The black community has been faithful to this president and this morning he stated his case. In 2008 the black community was energized but this election cycle we are weary, but that should not deter us from the polls. Our vote is our voice and if you stay silent someone else will be more than willing to speak for you.

November 3rd Can’t Get Here Fast Enough

We have one week left until we all vote. My husband was one of the millions of Americans that have taken advantage of early voting, but whether you vote early or vote next Tuesday, next Wednesday this will be over. No more back to back political ads on television. No more robocalls, no more emails begging for money and no more debates. Finally, it will be over and we can all move on, but wait on Wednesday the campaigning starts for 2012. We are officially living in the Campaign Zone we simply can’t escape.

Will Black Voters go to the polls November 2nd?

When I think about the midterm elections I am reminded of a line from the movie Fatal Attraction. In the movie Michael Douglass has an affair with Glenn Close. They have fun but the Douglass character is married and when he is done with her he thinks he can simply move on, but the Close character has a different response. She says to him “I will not be ignored!” That’s what the black community needs to say to the president. The president is on his reunion tour and his expectation is that the community will run to the polls with the same level of zeal they had 2 years ago, but 2 years later many of us are worse off then we were. Unemployment is the black community is double the national average, but when the president has been questioned about how he will specifically address black unemployment his response has been inadequate. He says if the economy gets better everybody will benefit. Yes, that might be true, but if a doctor saw two sick people and one was near death I believe he would address the needs of the sickest first and Black unemployment falls within that category. The Democrats know they can count on the black community. They arrogantly say what other viable alternatives do you really have? What are you going to do? Vote for the party of Carl Paladino? So what do you do? I will be voting on November 2nd, but sadly many who celebrated hope and change in 2008 will sit out 2010 and the current Obama tour just might be too little, too late.

The Wisdom of Sarah Palin

I admire Sarah Palin. She is living her own American Dream. Where else could a woman with such a limited resume rise so high. As I watch her string together nonsensical prose I ask myself how did we get to this point where this is a voice that can inspire millions of Americans? Are we truly this desparate for leadership? She speaks of the good old days of Ronald Reagan and the need to revive some of the things he championed back in the day, but we can’t go back. We can wax poetic about how things used to be but we are in a brand new world with brand new problems, but judging from the cheers and the applause she is telling her people what they want to hear, and for her it is profitable. So you go girl you are living your dream too bad the majority of the people listening to you are not, but we’ll worry about that another day.

Bill O’Reilly Says Muslims Killed Us on 9/11

Today on The View Bill O’Reilly said “Muslims killed us on 9/11.” He did not say extremists he said Muslims. Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg left the set when he made this proclamation. O’Reilly made this statement when they were discussing the mosque that is scheduled to be built near the Twin Towers. He said what he meant. conservatives have demonized all Muslims for the acts of a gang of extremists. After Behar and Goldberg left the stage O’Reilly attempted to back pedal but he said what he meant and this is the kind of talk that continues to fan the flames of hatred of Muslims in this country.

Is Lisa Murkowski a Write-in Candidate or a Whiner?

Lisa Murkowski lost her bid to be the Republican candidate for Alaska. Instead of fading into the sunset she has launched a write-in candidacy. She contends the people or at least her people encouraged her to do it. What do you think about write-in candidates are they simply following the will of the people or are they simply spoiled brats that hate to lose?

Why did Senator Al D’Amato go postal on Fox News?

Republican strategist Jack Burkman appeared on Fox News for the purpose of discussing the Post Office. Burkman started his argument with some racist statements about Post office employees. I take particular offense to the comments because my late father was a postal worker, and the post office was the door that helped many people achieve middle class status. In the course of the discussion former Senator Al D’Amato took the strategist to task and called him out over the comments. It was refreshing to see someone stand up against racist remarks and not act as if they did not hear them. Burkman is illustrative of why the Republicans have a hard time attracting minorities to the Grand Old Party.

I Voted Today!

Today I went out and voted.  I am a firm believer that if you do not vote you do not have the right to complain. Voting gives you the opportunity to make your voice heard. Your candidate might not win but at least if you vote you have done all you could. As a black woman I am also sensitive to the fact that many people laid down their lives so that we could freely go to the polls and vote. So if your state has a primary today and you are registered go out and make a difference. If you live in Washington DC you can register and cast a vote today.  Get out and vote!

How Should 9/11 Be Commemorated?

September 11, 2001 is a day that changed America. We learned we were no longer safe and our country; our nation would never be the same. We have seen this day commemorated differently each year and it begs the question “what should we do?” We have seen politicians take the day and tout national security, we have seen the day politicized by both parties. Tomorrow groups who favor the mosque near Ground Zero and groups who oppose it will hold dueling rallies. Tonight, I saw a man who had lost a son that day say we must never forget the day. He then went on to compare 9/11 to the Holocaust and slavery. I had to really think about it. 9/11 was a tragic day we lost 3000 people that day, but is it on par with the Holocaust and slavery? I think the way you view the day is determined by the loss you incurred on that fateful day, and I guess if I had loss a son that day it would be my own personal Holocaust.