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Rest in Peace Rev. Willie Barrow, a warrior for civil rights

Rev. Willie Barrow died last night. She was a small woman who had a big impact on civil rights. She worked with Dr. king but she had a significant impact in Chicago. She and Rev. Jesse Jackson founded Operation Breadbasket. A program that helped feed the poor in Chicago during the 60s and 7os. During that time they had a radio show and every Saturday you would hear her booming, raspy voice. As a child I remember being impressed maybe even intrigued by this woman who had a place at the table when most women were still relegated to the kitchen. She will be missed.


Elisabeth Hasselbeck is NOT leaving The View

Friday US Magazine said Elisabeth Hasselbeck was being fired from The View. This morning The View crew said that’s a lie. She is staying with the show and her opinion is in fact appreciated. I don’t share Hasselbeck’s views but I do think she should have a seat at the table. If everyone agrees there is no discussion and shows like The View need to espouse more than one point of view.

Should Michael Steele apologize for calling rival an idiot?

Throughout Michael Steele’s tenure as GOP chair he has been forced to apologize for things he has said. He tends to respond quickly and this seems to get him into hot water. Recently during a phone interview on Baltimore radio Steele was questioned about the conference call he had with fellow GOPers announcing his intention to run again. Jim Bopp Jr. who plans to run against Steele said that Steele played the race card at the end of the call. Steele responded by calling Bopp an “idiot”. Some of his comrades are calling for an apology. Should he or is this just politics in action?

Michael Steele Running for Reelection

Michael Steele wants a second term as RNC Chairman. Yesterday the press were reporting he would not seek reelection, but they made this statement without confirmation from Steele. He wants to be the chairman and he is prepared to fight for it. Steele has been a highly visible chairman and some in his party feel he has been too visible and too verbal. Some within the party have diverted funds from the RNC and distributed funds directly to selected campaigns. When Steele was elected chair two years ago Barack Obama was entering the White House. This was a primary reason that a black chairman was an attractive proposition at the time. Obama was at the height of his popularity. Welcome 2010 the president is no longer riding high and frankly the GOP simply don’t need or want Steele, but this brother is not going to simply exit at stage right. Steele has been a gaffe machine and he has also had some finance issues, but he presided over the GOP taking over the House so he does have some successes to tout, but he is not getting the credit for the win. Steele’s actions are reminiscent of the Dreamgirls song, “I’m telling you I ain’t going nowhere”, but will the Republicans love him?

Have you heard of the No Labels Movement?

We hear shouting from both the left and the right, and it seems the center does not have a voice. Now the center has a movement called No Labels. they say “Put the Labels Aside. Do What’s Best for America.”  They say “We are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who are united in the belief that we do not have to give up our labels, merely put them aside to do what’s best for America.”  Interesting concept. Will this work or become just another voice in the myriad of voices? Tell me what you think.


Velma Hart was Exhausted and now She is also Unemployed

Velma Hart stood up at a townhall meeting and told the president that she had grown weary of defending him. At the time she had a job and she was concerned about the future, but now she is in a different space. She is now not only weary but she too is one of the millions of unemployed Americans.  I remember watching her and feeling her frustration, but I envied her because at least she had a job. It is hard out here for the “experienced” worker. So a few months ago she was simply weary, but sadly she will now know what it feels like to not only be weary but to not have a job. The mid-terms should have taught the White House that we share Hart’s feelings and hopefully jobs will become number one on the administration’s agenda. We do not expect the White House to create jobs but we do want policies that will encourage business owners to create them.

Should ABC have Andrew Breitbart doing political commentary election night?

ABC has announced that right wing blogger Andrew Breitbart will be offering political insight election night. Breitbart is the blogger that released a portion of Shirley Sherrod’s NAACP speech to the media this spring and set off a firestorm. He was condemned for theis act by people on the left and the right. My question is should Breitbart be on the ABC panel Election Night? Tell me what you think.

Should Kendrick Meeks Quit the Race?

This morning Kendrick Meeks made the rounds on the morning show. His statement was the same “I’m not quitting this race.” Last night CNN was reporting that Meeks was going to quit and throw his support behind Charlie Crist. Let us not forget Crist is the former Republican turned Independent who if elected is expected to caucus with the Democrats. So today we heard denials from former President Clinton who said “I didn’t ask Kendrick to leave the race, nor did Kendrick say that he would. I told him that how he proceeds was his decision to make and that I would support him regardless.”* The White House has really kept its distance from Meeks. During the 2008 election Meeks and his mother were staunch Hillary Clinton supporters and some wounds take a long time to heal. One of my frequent readers said imagine the outcry if a Republican former president asked a black candidate to quit running. This story has garnered sufficient press but Clinton still come off looking good not sinister. According to the polls Meeks can’t win, but he believes he can. The Democrats are scampering because the believe Mark Rubio is too extreme, and he will probably win. Maybe if the President had actually intervened and talked to Meeks instead of a chorus of surrogates he might have stepped aside for the good of the party, but now Meeks probably says what has the party done for me? The answer would probably be not much.

Did Chicago Pastors sell out their congregations for $500?

The Democratic Machine is just not like it used to be. Illinois Gov. Quinn and Senate hopeful Alexi Giannoulias are running behind their Republican opponents. President Obama is going to Illinois Saturday to try to firm up support. Usually black ministers will line up for the Democratic Party but in this strange election season some of the ministers seem to be hearing a different drum. “On Wednesday, 12 local pastors came together to publicly endorse Scott Lee Cohen, the Independent in the race. The millionaire pawnbroker has contributed $6 million of his own money to his campaign for governor. That has fueled rumors that Cohen is buying black support. Last week, the Rev. Gregory Lee told CBS-2 that one of Cohen’s supporters told him that he would get at least $500 if he publicly backed Cohen.” So did these ministers have fundamental problems with the Democratic candidates or are they more like Judas than Jesus?

We Demand Civility from Everyone including Joy Behar

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about The View’s Joy Behar’s rude profane outburst on the show. I believe that we can disagree without being disagreeable. On this blog I enforce civil discussions. When I receive profanity laced comments they immediately get trashed. I believe in the simple premise that it is nice to be nice. I support the president but I have no problem posting opinions that oppose my own. That brings me to something that I found funny. My blog has been widely quoted in several conservative venues, but I find the tone interesting. I am not a conservative I am a woman that called out another woman for her bad behavior. Conservatives don’t have the market cornered on values and manners and neither do the liberals. This election season has brought out the worst in both parties. We no longer have statesmen discussing policies. We now have people threatening each other with bodily harm or the release of dirty laundry. We have got to elevate the dialogue and demand that the people we vote for elevate their conversation.  Almost 20 years ago Rodney King said “can’t we just get along?” Maybe we can’t but we can at least be civil.