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A Charlie Brown Christmas was truly sad

peanut's Christmas
Christmas Eve we decided to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. Have you watched it lately? It is hard to listen to the abuse Charlie Brown suffers in the name of comedy. The phrase “with friends like these who needs enemies” is so appropriate for Brown. After hearing the abuse he suffers on the daily it is no surprise that he tries Dr. Lucy’s medicine for support. As a child I just enjoyed seeing a cartton special during primetime, but as an adult one has to feel sorry for Brown even when the group finally gets the real meaning of the season. share your thoughts.

Merry Christmas Everyone from Ebony Mom Politics

Christmas star

I’m up early this Christmas morning. Back in the day it was because the children were at the door knocking wanting to go downstairs and see if Santa had fulfilled their wishlist. Now it is quiet as the kids sleep in. It gives me a chance to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. Every year a member of my church bakes a pound cake for me and my family. The cake is delicious but the fact that she cares enough to make it for me makes it so special. It simply something I look forward to every year. It’s a small gesture but it is an act of love. This holiday I encourage each of you to that…a simple act of love. You might have spent a fortune on gifts or maybe you didn’t spend anything, but one thing we all can do today is show love. Remember Jesus is the Reason for the Season. He was and is love so show some love today. Merry Christmas.

Apple “Misunderstood”…Best Holiday Commercial

Great commercial..get your tissues ready.

Merry Christmas 2011

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2010-Why I Believe

The gifts are unwrapped and it is time to start cooking. Everyone is happy with what they received.  We are so blessed and so thankful because we know the real reason for the season, and we believe in the miracle of Jesus. Throughout the year I will debate political topics and often after reading some of the comments I might have a change of heart, but I don’t debate my faith. You either believe or you don’t. That’s the beauty of it you can accept it or reject it, it is up to you. Now it is time to stop blogging and start cooking. To Everyone who reads the blog have a Merry Christmas and we’ll get back to politics next week.