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Bloomingdale what were you thinking?

spike your friends eggnog
Bloomingdale is in hot water over this ad. Does this encourage date rape? Share your thoughts.

Is this the definition of a real woman?

A real woman
One of my Facebook friends posted this picture. This is the definition of a real woman according to Katt Williams. since my friend shared the photo I know that he agrees with the sentiments, but what do you think? Should a woman try to be all of this or is it the job of the woman to be all things to her man? Is the man required to also be superman to his woman? Last question is does this describe a real woman or simply a needy man? Share your thoughts.

If he slaps you once will he slap you again?

This weekend I got into a heated argument concerning domestic violence. I believe that if a man slaps you once you need to leave and not look back. The person I was discussing this with said that it could be a one time scenario and there should be discussion and possible forgiveness. So what do you think: one slap and out or is this time for discussion and possible counseling?

Man prosecuted for reading wife’s emails…is it fair?

“A Michigan man who says he learned of his wife’s affair by reading her e-mail on their computer faces trial Feb. 7 on felony computer misuse charges. Thirty-three-year-old Leon Walker used his wife’s password to get into her Gmail account. Clara Walker filed for a divorce, which was granted this month. Leon Walker tells The Oakland Press of Pontiac he was trying to protect the couple’s children from neglect and calls the case a “miscarriage of justice.” Oakland County Assistant Prosecutor Sydney Turner says the charge is justified. Privacy law writer Frederick Lane tells the Detroit Free Press the law typically is used to prosecute identity theft and stealing trade secrets. He says he questions if a wife can expect privacy on a computer she shares with her husband.”* So what do you think? Should he be subjected to prosecution? Does a wife have a right to privacy on a shared computer?

*Associated Press

Super Bowl 44: Are Men Really that Unhappy?

This is my last Super Bowl related post. One of the recurring themes of the commercials was the fact that men are very unhappy. There was a car commercial I think it was Dodge and we saw images of men and we could hear what was going on in their minds. They all seemed to be living quiet lives of desparation and the car would give them a chance at real joy. So having children, a significant other and a job in your life simply sucks the joy out of a man’s life but you can be happy with this car. That is really some negative thinking. You also had the man who had his spine removed and he was so sad because he actually liked shopping with his wife. Who are the people behind these commercials. Their bosses might need to put them on suicide watch because they view the world through a very joyless lens.

The Tragedy of the Hofstra University “Rape”

 When a woman cries rape it is a serious charge. When a woman says no it means no. Last week a Hofstra University student said she had been raped by five young men. They were arrested and held until the woman recanted her story. One of the students had a video tape showing that the sex was consensual. They were released and now some of the young men are saying their reputations have been irreparably harmed. The fact is they did not rape her they just gang banged her and taped it. Fortunately, the tape led to their release, but let’s not give these guys halos. When did it become acceptable for five guys to have sex with one woman? Did any of these guys think although she said yes there was really something wrong with this scenario? When a woman cries rape and she has not been it makes it hard for all future rape victims and that is the real shame in this situation. She falsely accused five men of rape and that was wrong, they did not rape her, but they are hardly innocent.