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The End of the Obama Adminstration signals the end of diversity at MSNBC

Melissa Harris-Perry has been fired from MSNBC. She anchored her own show and featured people who are often on the margins. She gave a voice to the voiceless and often discussed in depth issues that affected minority communities. MSNBC is revamping its image and it is starting to look like brown and black are out as they go toward a monotone look. Jose Diaz-Balart has become another victim of the whitewash he is almost invisible on the network. Rev. Al Sharpton who hosted a daily show has been reduced to Sunday only. The network gladly welcomed Brian Williams to the desk as they revamped afternoon shows to accommodate the disgraced anchor. They have even given Mark Halperin a show a man who once called President Obama a “dick”. So why the massive makeover? President Obama is lame duck and the conversation and the need for voices of color has and will diminish. MSNBC sees the handwriting on the white walls and the message is clear. No room at the anchor desks for minority voices because MSNBC is giving more time to shows like Morning Joe which feature guest who promise to Make America Great again.


Why did Melissa Harris Perry walk off her MSNBC show?

Read the article and share your thoughts.

Mitt Romney accepts Melissa Harris-Perry’s apology

Today on Fox News former presidentialcandidate Mitt Romney said he accepts Melissa Harris-Perry’s apology, and he is moving on. Perry has acknowledged and apologized for the incident and Romney has accepted. This should be the end of the scenario but it won’t.


Melissa Harris-Perry apologizes to the Romney family

MSNBC Melissa Harris Perry says Justice Clarence Thomas does not represent black people…is she right?

President Obama is being criticized for the lack of diversity in his second term cabinet. Melissa Harris Perry has said sharing skin color does not mean that those people share a point of view. She contends that Clarence Thomas does not represent black people even though he is the on black man on the Supreme Court. Is there a group thought? Could it be that he represents conservatism? Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

Melissa Harris-Perry says Tavis Smiley sold out blacks like the nurse in the Tuskegee experiment…has this feud gone too far?

melissa and tavis

Tavis Smiley has been accused of alot of things but to be compared to the nurse in the infamous Tuskegee experiement seems a little much. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Dr. Cornel West calls Melissa Harris Perry a fraud and a liar…what does this accomplish?

Dr. Cornel West no stranger to controversy has called MSNBC contributor Melissa Harris Perry a liar. She worked with west at Princeton but of late she has been a vocal critic of the volatile West. Cornel West and his cohort Tavis Smiley have been two of president Obama’s most vocal crticis. Read the linked article and tell ne what you think.