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Interesting how Megyn Kelly can get all up in Rev. Al’s face, but where is this Kelly when she meets with Donald Trump?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

People need to stop qualifying their support for Megyn Kelly

Donald Trump has been mad at Megyn Kelly since last August when she had the audacity to ask him a question he did not like. Over the past few months he takes to Twitter to take shots at her the latest was done last night. He called for a boycott of her show and he challenges her credentials and her professionalism. Many journalists and just ordinary folks have defended her but I have noticed that several people feel the need to qualify their support by saying “I rarely agree with her on the issues but the Donald Trump thing is wrong”. There really is no need for the disclaimer. Most liberals are not frequent Fox News viewers. So it is obvious you don’t share Kelly’s political views, but what Trump is doing, tweeting and saying is wrong, and Kelly needs support not disclaimers.

Donald Trump’s latest Megyn Kelly tweet…is he obsessed with her?

Donald Trump’s latest tweet-Everybody should boycott the @megynkelly show. Never worth watching. Always a hit on Trump! She is sick, & the most overrated person on tv.
Why is he repeatedly going after Megyn Kelly? Is this presidential? Is he intimidated by a strong woman? Share your thoughts.



Trump has already won the debate even if he is not on the stage

Today the lead off story on every network has been the Trump story, and why should this be any different than any other day. King Trump rules the airwaves. They bow and defer to his demands and when they dare to not he threatens to withdraw his presence. How did this happen? The media elite are all acting surprised but how can they be when they helped create this situation. They invited the King to be on their shows. They did not even demand his presence. His voice was enough to make them swoon. When have you seen any other presidential candidate call in to so many shows. They let him control the conversation. He would talk over the questioners and refuse to answer any questions that might really demand a reasoned, thoughtful response. He has run the show because he is true entertainment, and the ratings numbers bear him out. It’s been coming for a long time. 2016 might be remembered as the last election cycle to even bother with debates. The original premise was for voters to learn more about the candidates as they weighed their decisions, but over the years candidates seem to spend more time with their spin doctors than their policy experts. The audience now seem more interested in learning who landed the zinger or who fell prey to the “gotcha” question. Yes, I believe we are witnessing the end of an era. We live in a Snapchat world and very few people are interested in much more. We live in a world that simply wants to be entertained and Trump is entertaining. So if he is not on that stage tomorrow night there will be no show, and he candidates might be forced to actually have a debate.

I’m sick of political correctness too, but I am not ready for full out rudeness

Donald Trump says he is not politically correct and I get that but too simply be rude and outlandish is not the answer. He has said a lot of things over the past six months that have been applauded, but that does not make it right. Trump who is willing to say anything is refusing to speak at tomorrow night’s debate. He is used to getting his way and Fox News is not letting him get his way. Megyn Kelly is going to be sitting at the moderator’s table. Trump might decide at the last minute that he is going to come but then he would have to cancel the event he says he is planning for the soldiers, but who knows what Trump will do.

Is Donald Trump skipping the debate because of Megyn Kelly?

So The Donald is skipping the debate because Fox news refuses to bench Megyn Kelly? Really, the man who is going to make America Great again is cowering at the prospect of answering questions from Kelly. It will be good to have a Trumpless stage. Maybe the other candidates will get an opportunity to answer a question. Maybe just maybe they will be asked a question that is not filtered through a Trump prism.

Donald Trump offers no apologies and that’s why people like him

Every time Donald Trump says something wrong or does not correct something said that is wrong he takes a hit from the media. His poll numbers go up but the media sits in judgment predicting his downfall, but it hasn’t happened yet and one has to wonder will it every happen? He has insulted the Mexicans, John McCain, Megyn Kelley, Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush’s wife and President Barack Obama and he has never apologized. He is a man in own opinion who is never wrong and his followers love him. As they say if it “ain’t broke don’t fix it” and this is working for him so accept the fact that apology is not in his dictionary neither is humility.

Megyn Kelly says Dajerria Becton was “no saint”…if she was would Officer Casebolt have spared her?

She was “no saint”. Fox News Megyn Kelly used this phrase when describing Dajerria Becton. She was the girl assaulted by Officer Casebolt at the pool party in McKinney, Texas. We hear Becton described as a young woman by some news outlets but the fact is she is a girl. A 14 or 15 year old is a minor, a child in the eyes of the law. Too often black people develop a false sense of security when they live in the tony suburbs of our nation. This is not Ferguson or the west side of Baltimore. This is a place that black and white people live and where their children probably attend the same schools. Many of these young people have been raised to ask questions and to question or challenge authority. Not that i am condoning disrespect of authority but questioning is not unlawful. So when I hear someone say she was not saint I think of the young boys and men who have been shot by the police and this same phrase has been used a description and in some cases a justification for the use of force. My question is when did sainthood become a pre-requisite to not being attacked by the police? When I see that girl being slammed to the ground I see my daughter and it is heartbreaking. We often talk about having the talk with our children. We have to give them the rules of engagement but the rules are forever evolving, but has the talk simply become a generational curse that we keep passing on. isn’t it time to break the curse, shelve the rules and finally take a stand? Share your thoughts.

The Duggar Interview or should we just call it saving Josh at any cost

The Duggars love their children and they definately love their oldest son Josh. I watched the the Megyn Kelly interview and Jim Bob and Michelle have spent the better part of the interview minimizing the behavior of their oldest son. They concede he touched 5 girls inappropriately but let them tell it his victims didn’t even know it. So no harm, no foul? The Duggars live in a patriarchal world and it is apparent where the daughters stand in the pecking order.

Megyn Kelly, Fox News says she was just kidding when she said Santa was white

Earlier this week Fox News Megyn Kelly set of a firestorm when she said Santa and Jesus were white. Now she says that her statements were tongue-in-cheek. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.