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Megyn Kelly says Dajerria Becton was “no saint”…if she was would Officer Casebolt have spared her?

She was “no saint”. Fox News Megyn Kelly used this phrase when describing Dajerria Becton. She was the girl assaulted by Officer Casebolt at the pool party in McKinney, Texas. We hear Becton described as a young woman by some news outlets but the fact is she is a girl. A 14 or 15 year old is a minor, a child in the eyes of the law. Too often black people develop a false sense of security when they live in the tony suburbs of our nation. This is not Ferguson or the west side of Baltimore. This is a place that black and white people live and where their children probably attend the same schools. Many of these young people have been raised to ask questions and to question or challenge authority. Not that i am condoning disrespect of authority but questioning is not unlawful. So when I hear someone say she was not saint I think of the young boys and men who have been shot by the police and this same phrase has been used a description and in some cases a justification for the use of force. My question is when did sainthood become a pre-requisite to not being attacked by the police? When I see that girl being slammed to the ground I see my daughter and it is heartbreaking. We often talk about having the talk with our children. We have to give them the rules of engagement but the rules are forever evolving, but has the talk simply become a generational curse that we keep passing on. isn’t it time to break the curse, shelve the rules and finally take a stand? Share your thoughts.


McKinney police bring “gasoline” to a volatile situation

I heard Joel Osteen once say that people come to controversy with two buckets. One has water and the other has gasoline. If they use the water bucket they can possibly calm the situation, but if they use the bucket of gasoline they will make a volatile situation more volatile. Well the Mckinney police chose the gasoline and they set it off. Group of teens at a pool party, neighbor complains and police disperse but is this the way to deal with children? Would this policeman have taken down a blonde 14 year old like he took down this 14 year old. Was she a menace to society or a typical teen? Was it necessary to pull his gun on fleeing teens who had not committed a crime? Remember the biker gang who shot up a restaurant and left 9 people dead? Look up the picture of the police interacting with killers and then look at this video and see who is the menace to society.