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Matt Lauer ask GM CEO Mary Barra can she do the job and be a good mom…really Matt?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Should Chris Brown stop apologizing?

Chris Brown appeared on the Today Show this morning. Matt Lauer asked him about his new album, but the conversation moved toward his 2009 domestic violence incident. Brown has apologized for his crime numerous times and he has been prosecuted for the beating of Rihanna. No one would even try to excuse his behavior, but it is 4 years later. Has he apologized enough? Will America ever forgive him or does it matter? Brown has not lost his fan base so does he need to continue to seek public redemption? Share your thoughts.

Why was Ann Curry forbidden from sending comforting tweet to ABC Robin Roberts?

NBC Today Show took a rating hit last year and they have not been able to recover. They dumped Ann Curry and the public blamed Matt Lauer. That was June 2012, but the bad news keeps coming. When ABC Robin Roberts announced that she needed a bone marrow transplant Curry asked the network if she could send a tweet of support. NBC said no. Read the linked article to find out why.

Today Show coos a Kardashian instead of a 9/11 Memorial Moment

Instead of acknowledging the time the first plane hit the tower on 9/11 the Today Show opted to interview Mama Kardashian. The question is should they be criticized for opting for current “news” or should they have acknowledged the time the plane hit the first tower on 9/11? Share your thoughts.



NBC Dumped Ann Curry and Now it is Time to Trash Her

NBC News honcho Steve Capus is now sounding off on why Ann Curry was dumped. He says she was just not into it. She just couldn’t get with interviewing heads of state in one segment to making moon pies in another, and gushing over no talent reality stars. He has decided to question her passion for a job she coveted. Now a company has a right to make changes and a network responds to ratings. So if they wanted to move Curry that was their right, but don’t question her commitment to the job. The other day I posted Curry’s farewell and one of my frequent readers questioned why would I cover this story? I’ll tell you why I liked Ann Curry. I liked how she waited in the wings for her shot at the job, but I do not like the fact that she was kicked to the curb. She walks away with a big payday, but she was hurt once by her dismissal and now Capus has decided to pour a little salt on the open wound. On Monday I will be checking out Good Morning America.


Ann Curry’s last day as Today Show anchor

This morning Ann Curry confirmed what we have all heard. Today was her last day as a co-host on the formerly number one morning show. Sure she will leave with a boatload of money, but it was obvious that she loved her job and it was taken away from her. She has been positioned as if she alone is responsible for the recent ratings drop. She took the fall and as usual she did it with grace. Curry will be missed. Share your thoughts.

Octomom on Food Stamps is it her fault or reality television?

it has been three years since Nadya Suleman had her octuplets. The media is fascinated with multiple births and the Today Show was the first show to show the world her 8 little miracles. At that point the public did not know that her doctor had implanted more embryos than he should have in hopes of her carrying the babies to term. suleman was banking on the riches of reality television, but when all the facts hit the fan her story went from news to nightmare. she was a single mother with 6 children prior to having the eight additional ones. She seemed some what overwhelmed and there was no reality telvision show on the horizon. So what doe she do to support her brood. Basically anything: celebrity boxing, short lived web show and most recently nude photos. Now she is on welfare something she said she would never do, but at this point she has no choice. The children have got to eat and she can’t work a full time job. She’s got 14 kids. So whose fault is this? She saw the Kate plus 8 show and why not Nadya plus 14. No takers. She is not the ideal subject and her situation is less than ideal. So she’s got to do what she’s got to do because there are no camera’s capturing the hijinx in her home and now her most important duty is to make sure there is food in the home. Suleman is dealing with reality right now ant it does not include a show. http://moms.today.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/04/05/11034765-octuplet-mom-i-feel-ashamed-about-food-stamps?lite

Isn’t NBC part of the “lamestream media”, then why is Sarah Palin guest-hosting on the Today Show?

I am not a fan of Sarah Palin. Since she made her entry on the national stage she has been a polarizing figure. You either love her or you hate her and there are very few people who fall in the middle. I will just say I am not in the love camp. Let’s be clear we are talking about her politics. She is the definition of divisive. palin is also a Fox News contributor. so if I wanted to see her I could see her thre and I choose not to do that, but now she’s coming to daytime. She’s sitting down and “palling” around with the enemy. She has shown disrespect for the president during her run for vice president, and she has not just questioned him politically but she has challenged his patriotism. I can still remember her standing in front of a crowd saying that President Obama did not love the country like those in the crowd. So the idea of watching her tomorrow on the Today Show does not appeal to me. So I am going to do what everyone has a right to do and that is to not watch. I’m sure their ratings will go through the roof, but this is one household that will be watching Good Morning America tomorrow.

Was Hurricane Irene Over-Hyped?

This is the question that Matt Lauer posed to Al Roker and Jim Cantore today. Did the region over prepare and did the media over hype. The answer is a resounding no. they defended their actions by saying they watched this hurricane for days and if it had hit with the veracity predicted it could have been catastrophic. Twenty people lost their lives in this storm and currently millions of people are still without power. New York forced many of their residents to evacuate and they did not receive the kind of damage predicted. One would think there would have been a collective sigh of relief, but no some are whining because they were inconvenienced. It seems even more ironic that we are having this discussion on the 6th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. That Hurricane will go down as a tragic comedy of errors. The national, the state and the local governments dropped the ball on that one and the loss of life was staggering. The 9th ward still looks like a ghosttown because many of the displaced never came back because they had nowhere to come back to. So today if you feel put upon because you had to leave your apartment in Lower Manhattan for the weekend please go to Google and just put in August 29, 2005. Look at the images of the day 6 years ago and you will be able to put your inconvenience in perspective.

Meredith Vieira Expected To Leave ‘Today Show': TV Guide

TV Guide is reporting that Meredith Vieira will be leaving the Today Show at the end of the year. She is supposedly sick of the early morning grind. Ann curry is next in line for the coveted job, but wouldn’t it be interesting to see someone else get the job. What about Tamara Hall or maybe they could bring back Soledad O’Brien she used to anchor the NBC Weekend Today Show.  Maybe they could shake it up a little and not just select the next one off the assembly line.


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