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Where is the perfect presidential candidate?

2016 presidential contenders include: an egomaniac, a socialist, a liar, a man who can’t keep his campaign money separated from his personal money, a failed Fortune 500 executive, a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth who never learned to fight, a man who overcame the hood to perform amazing surgery, a man who can’t get along with his colleagues, a man who has a problem saying no to donuts, a man who stands proudly with lawbreakers and a man that is a military hawk. All of these people want sit in the oval office and none of them are perfect. We have that in common with them, but even if you disagree with them they are doing something. They have an idea and a commitment to this country. So as we sit on our couches with our popcorn waiting on the next shoe to drop give them a little credit for at least being willing to try.

Will Hillary Clinton be the last person standing?

Hillary Clinton will take on the boys tonight. This is her opportunity to re-introduce herself and explain all of the stuff soaring around her orbit. Benghazi, emails, disagreements with the President. She has a lot to say and tonight is her night to do it, but will it be enough. The left has found a new friend in Bernie and the other 3 candidates would not have made the cut if this debate was governed by the GOP rules. They are the trio of the Invisibles, but they might even have a moment, and let’s not forget Vice President Maybe lurking in the shadows. Even he is poling better than the Invisibles but who knows what he is going to do. Must see TV tonight. Can’t wait.

Black Lives Matter but do you just want someone to say it?

Talk is cheap and we know politicians will say anything to get elected. At the NetRoots convention a boisterous crowd in the audience tried to get Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders to declare Black Lives Matter, but they would not just say that O’Malley said Black Lives Matter, White Lives Matter and All Lives Matter and this enraged the crowd, but did they really think either of them would make a racial declaration? The Democrats really don’t think they have to do much or say much to get the black vote. They are not going to bend over backward seeking something they already think they have. Blacks came out in record numbers for President Obama. In 2008 we made history and in 2012 we did it again. There was a collective sense of pride, but 2016 is a totally different animal. Hillary Clinton (heir apparent), Bernie Sanders (radical socialist) and Martin O’Malley (Smiley). There are other Democrats but no one among them is going to create the Obama level of enthusiasm. So what are the choices on the other side: Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, Rick Perry, Ben Carson, Chris Christie and a bunch of other names that don’t come to mind. Each voter has to make a choice and we have the next year to watch and listen to all the candidates and determine what candidate can do more than repeat a hashtag.

Martin O’Malley says the presidency is not a crown to be passed between two families

Former governor Martin O’Malley is starting to talk like a presidential candidate. Appearing on ABC This Week, he said the presidency is not a crown to be passed between two families. Wonder who he was talking about? Could it be the Clintons and the Bushes? Yes, they are the two families and we need to examine both their candidacies. Are they the best people to lead this country or is it time for a fresh and new perspective? Is O’Malley ready to lead on Day One? Is it time to look at some of the other Republicans? Share your thocughts.

Martin O’Malley passes on running for Senate seat, but should he?

Barbara Milkulski announced that she is retiring. that means there is an open Senate seat in Maryland. Martin O’Malley former governor has announced he is not interested. He wants to be president, but this might be a better fit. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Maryland First lady Katie O’Malley Regrets Calling Opponents of Gay Marriage “Cowards”

Maryland First Lady Katie O’Malley is passionate about gay marriage passing in the Maryland legislature. So passionate that while appearing before a gay group yesterday she called those who did not support the legislation last session “cowards.” This drew applause in the room, but today she is apologizing for the statement. O’Malley said today “I let my feelings get the better of me.” “I deeply respect that there are strongly held and differing views on marriage equality in Maryland, but hope that our state’s elected officials will come together to fairly address this important issue for our families and children.” The fact is there are differing opinions on this issue within the state. Different does not mean wrong or cowardly it means just that different, and that should be respected too. http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/maryland-first-lady-katie-omalley-blames-cowards-for-gay-marriage-failure-last-year/2012/01/26/gIQAUUk6TQ_story.html

Julius Henson, the black man behind the Robert Ehrlich Robocalls to the Black Community

On Election Day several people in the black community received phone calls that told them to relax that Governor Martin O’Malley(D) had already won. The call said they just had to relax and watch the results on television. These calls were made to black homes in the Baltimore city and Prince George county. Julius Henson, a paid political consultant hired by the Robert Ehrlich campaign has taken responsibility for the calls. Henson was hired to help Ehrlich reach out to the black community, and seemingly his idea of outreach must be voter suppression. henson said his intent was to inspire people to come out and vote for Ehrlich. An employee of Henson actually made the call. Henson said Ehrlich probably did not even know the calls had gone out. Henson is just joins the list of another black man that sold out his community for “chicken change.”