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Why did this traffic stop go so horribly wrong?

Why did Omaha police post video of cursing toddler?

Is this toddler a future thug or an innocent child being manipulated by the adults in the room? Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Fox news Bill O’Reilly tells Black Guest he looks like a “cocaine dealer”

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill was appearing on the O’Reilly Factor to discuss the president’s plan to send 1200 troups to the Mexican border. In the course of the discussion Bill O’Reilly said to his guest that he looked like a “cocaine dealer”. Hill replied that o’Reilly looked like a “cocaine user.” Why did O’Reilly feel the need to make this remark? Who knows, but Hill should have learned to keep away from Fox News along time ago. After all he was once a Fox News contributor and they fired him, and he found out about his termination from the press. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, appear on Fox News is just foolish.

Does Fox News Still Matter?

fn-headerThe White House has declared war on Fox News. Fox News had already started the war the White House simply just started fighting back. It is no secret that Fox News has an aggressive agenda with the end goal being to destroy the Obama administration. On a daily basis they bash every plan, person or initiative endorsed by the president. They have an opinion and they use the airwaves to shout that opinion. During the day they appear to be like any other news organization but the reporters do not report they espouse the opinion of the network. The evening is devoted to real hardball Obama bashing, but why do they matter? They matter because this is the place where millions of Americans get their “news”. They can not be ignored, but they must be engaged. The president can not sway this group of Americans but he must let his emissaries make attempts even if they are rebuffed to reach out to this group. This is a network devoid of a liberal voice. MSNBC at least has Pat Buchanan as their touchstone to “traditional Americans.” Fox News recently fired their liberal voice Dr. Marc Lamont Hill. Hill learned of his dismissal via Google. For the full details on Hill’s dismissal go to www.thedailyvoice.com . So now Fox News speaks as one voice and that voice is anti-Obama. Some of the other networks are saying if they do this Fox they will do it to them, but this is not about opposing voices. This is a network with a mission and that is not to deliver the news, but to deliver opinions disguised as news and the White House simply took the mask off.