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When did Shame Die?

Have you noticed how people have no shame. Back in the day people had a sense of shame.  I read this article by Star Jones and I think she captures the lack of shame and the need for it in our society. Is a sense of shame a good thing? Tell me what you think.


When Did America Get So Mean?

We are seemingly witnessing the “meaning” of America. We are seeing meanness everywhere. Over the summer we saw citizens screaming and yelling at other citizens simply because they had political differences. We are seeing television talking heads show signs of meanness as they interview guests who have been invited to be on their shows. During the election I used to watch Hardball because I knew Chris Matthews would take no prisoners, but he gave his guests an opportunity to respond to his questions, but recently I have noticed he just talks over them. We’ve got Glenn Beck sitting on a morning show on Fox News calling the president a “racist.” Last night we saw Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina literally heckle the president during a Joint Session of Congress. When he did this he not only showed disrespect to the current president he showed disrespect to the office of president. Meanness is not just something that happens in politics it is happening all over. When you witness an able bodied person park in a handicapped spot you have witnessed meanness. When you hear of a man repeatedly slapping a toddler in a store because she would not be quiet you are witnessing meanness. Last week a young lady who relocated to Atlanta for a better job was killed as she innocently played a board game. The shooter was trying to hit someone in the apartment complex and he just shot wildly at the building. I have been writing this blog for about 18 months. Some of the comments I have received have been vile and hateful. Since no one knows who you are when you post some posters feel emboldened to point that they will say anything.  When did we get this mean?  When did we stop saying excuse me, thank you or hello? We are still a blessed nation but we have changed, and in this change is not a good thing.