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Note to American Journalists: If You See someone Riding Toward You on a Camel it is time to come home

Today we watched the Cairo protest dissolve into chaos. Yesterday we saw jublilant pro-democracy protesters, and today we saw opposition forces doing what ever was necessary to disperse the crowd. NBC Lester Holt said “just showing a camera can make you a target.” CNN Anderson Cooper said rocks were being thrown at Him and his crew. I was amazed to see men on camels riding into the crowd. It seems like it is time for the American journalists to do what other Americans are doing and that is to get out of Cairo. There are other safer means of getting a story. This is a big story but it is time for American Journalists to pack up their cameras and go.

Bullies Force 14 Year Old Boy to Get Offensive Tattoo

A fourteen year old boy who had been bullied by four older young men was forced to be tattooed with an offensive message. The New Hampshire boy was enticed to a Concord home and there he was detained by the four young men. They told him if he tried to flee they would beat him up but if he was tattooed they would leave him alone. The victim had learning disabilities and self-esteem issues. They tattooed him on the buttocks with the image of a penis and the word “poop d**k”. This incident came to the attention of authorities when the culprits started circulating the images via cell phone. Police have arrested the four suspects, Donald Wyman, 20, Ryan Fisk, 19, Travis Johnston, 18, and Blake VanNest, 18. A fifth attacker, who is 15, is also expected to be charged. This morning on the Today Show Travis Johnston appeared and said he wished he had not been involved, but his remorse seemed to relate more to his own criminal act than to what he and his cohorts had done to the victim. What they did was horrific and they described it as a prank gone bad, but this was no prank this was a crime. Far too often the vulnerable are harassed and there are no consequences, but there will be punishment for this terrible crime because bullying is no joke.


Al Roker Another Scary Black Man…That’s Ridiculous!

Recently Al Roker interviewed Heidi and Spencer Pratt. You could sense Roker’s disdain as he inteviewed this couple who are famous for simply being famous. He asked them a series of questions that they responded to in their own patented non-sensical way.  After the interview Heidi said she felt he was rude and that she felt uncomfortable.  She said “I was shocked at how rude he was, and I was crying afterwards because I couldn’t believe I felt personally attacked. I just wanted to talk about the show and my experience there and how fun it was, and he just made it a very uncomfortable, awful experience. I really would advise women especially to be careful around him because I feel like he definitely came and attacked me and I did not appreciate that at all.” So now Al Roker is classified as scary.  Let’s be real Al Roker is among the black men that can be classified as a white man’s black man. This simply means white men are comfortable around him. This club includes Lester Holt, the Gumbel Brothers (Brian and Greg) and Carlos Watson. Don’t get me wrong they are strong black men, but they are not radical and could hardly be classified as scary or aggressive. Roker obviously has a low tolerance for nonsense, and that is the only thing the Pratts have to sell.

Welcome to the Age of Obama: Today Show’s Lester Holt Gives Guest A Fist Bump


This morning while watching the Today Show I witnessed anchor Lester Holt doing something I never thought possible. Holt has always been the straight-laced black guy. Holt is the kind of black guy that white people feel comfortable being around.  So today after interviewing another black guy Holt said “thanks my brother” and then he gave him a fist bump. This kind of act is made possible by the election of Barack Obama. Holt would never have done anything that was remotely ethnic this time last year, but since the election of Obama it is not only ok to be black, but in some cases to do things that have there very origin in the “hood”. It was a small gesture, but it was refreshing to see him embrace the gesture. No one put it more eloquently than the late James Brown, “say it loud I’m black and I’m proud.” It is in these small gestures that we are finally seeing the manifestation of the lyrics.