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Kate Gosselin Might Have to Get A Real Job

I am sick of Jon and Kate plus Eight. I am sick of Kate Plus Eight. Frankly I am sick of both of them, but I must be in the minority because they are everywhere. Their ratings have been slipping on TLC but they must be offsetting that by appearing everywhere else. Last week Jon whined to Larry King about how he believed that his children were being exploited and he wanted them off the show. This realization came on the heels of learning his role would be diminished and his name was being eliminated from the show’s title. On The Soup Joel McHale asked the question “when did we get on Kate’s side in this?” This morning Kate appeared on the Today Show lamenting that Jon had taken a significant amount of money out of their joint account. When you have a joint account both parties can take money out thus the phrase “joint.” That was not Kate’s only appearance this morning she called in to The View to blast Jon again. She said to the girls she missed them and they proceeded to lap up every kernel that came out of her mouth. Well, all but one of them. Guest host Lisa Ling had the audacity to ask Kate some tough questions. Jon wants the kids off television, and Ling talked about the fact when she was 7 years old her parents got divorced, and she said never would have wanted that played out on television. Ling said maybe it would be a good thing to take a break. Kate was floored because The View has been a sanctuary for her lunacy and never has she been challenged to explore her motives and her own need for fame. The reality of this situation is this “reality star” might have to get a real job, and stop griping about Jon and, pimping off the cuteness of her innocent children.


Colin Powell Comments on the Gates Controversy and Relates His Own Racial Profiling Story on Larry King Live

We are going into the second week of the Gates controversy. Unless you live under a rock you have heard the facts of the case. Or shall I say the disputed facts. In this case the facts vary depending on whose telling them. Some say the President weighed into the controversy, but I contend he was dragged into it. Nevertheless he will be having a beer with Professor Gates and Sgt. Crowley very soon. The story refuses to die and last night on Larry King Live General Colin Powell said that he too had been the victim of racial profiling many times. Powell said Gates could have handled the situation differently. Powell urged young people confronted by the police to “cooperate. Don’t make the situation more difficult.”  When King asked Powell how did it make him feel Powell said “Do you get angry? Yes. Do you manifest that anger? You protest, you try to get things fixed, but it’s kind of a better course of action to take it easy and don’t let your anger make the current situation worse.” It is easy for people to comment on the Gates controversy, and say Gates might have handled the situation better, but it is easy to be a Monday morning quarterback.  We will never really know what happened in that house so we will never know how we would have reacted to the situation. Powell is a disciplined military man who worked his way up and to do that he has had to learn to keep his emotions in check.  So it stands to reason that Powell would have handled the situation differently, and it also stands to reason that no cop in America today would have cuffed Gen. Colin Powell not even Sgt. Crawley.

I’m No Fan of Sarah Palin, but Enough from Levi Johnston


Last night Levin Johnston and his clan were guests of Larry King. Johnston was again lamenting about the fact that he does not get the opportunity to have unsupervised time with his child. King asked him did he pay child support and his answer was no. He said that he had everything the baby needed at his house, but the fact is the baby does not live at his house and Johnston is in fact a “deadbeat dad” in search of a microphone and he keeps getting one. I am no fan of Sarah Palin, but enough of this. Their situation should be a family affair and not something discussed on talk shows. Some have suggested that she ignore Johnston, but as a mother I understand her need to protect, but as a politician that course might not be the smart one. So what is the solution? Stop giving this “deadbeat dad” the stage for him to keep airing private dirty laundry. Palin’s position on the issues are enough to keep me from ever voting for her we do not need to become a part of this “baby daddy” drama.   

Why do We Celebrate Old Men in the Media and Laugh at Their Female Counterparts?

Over the past few days I have heard comedians, talk show hosts and pundits take potshots at older women in the media. Notably Bill O’Reilly referred to Helen Thomas as the “wicked witch of the west”, and his fellow journalist said she has not been relevant since the “Lincoln administration”. On my way to work today I heard a radio host asking “when was Barbara Walters going to give it up?” On the flip side I don’t hear people asking when are Tom Brokaw, Bob Schieffer, Pat Buchanan or Larry King going to ride off into the sunset. They are often referred to as elder statesmen and what they have say is viewed as valuable, but the women are still looked at as being past their prime, and therefore an object worthy of scorn not praise, but why should the media be any different than anywhere else?

Why is America so Fascinated with Sullenberger?

Last night I watched Katie Couric interview the pilot of the US Air plane Capt. Sullenberger. I had heard the story before, but I was moved by not only hearing him share his story but from also hearing from members of his crew. They also showed the crew reuniting with passengers on the plane. They were hugging the pilot and many were saying “thank you for not making me a widow”. This accident happened almost a month ago and America is still fascinated by the story. What the pilot did was indeed heroic but how is this story still remaining a relevant news story? The answer is simple. America is in search of some good news. This story is a feel good story with a happy ending and that is a rarity these days. When you watch the news today what you see is bad news layered on top of bad news. From job losses to athletes smoking dope, injecting steroids to pop stars beating up their girlfriends there is simply not a lot of good news out there. So now we will witness the Sullenberger express make the rounds. They have been to the Super Bowl, The Inauguration and over the next few days we will see them on Larry King, David Letterman, and anywhere else there is an open microphone.  This might be overkill but why not America is depressed and for now the Sullenberger story is the medication this country needs.

Black is In so Says Talk Show Host Larry King

On Larry King Live a couple of nights ago Larry said that his youngest son wants to be black, and then King asked his guest Bob Woodward  “is this a turning of the tide?” Well, first of all even though King is an old man his son is a young boy so we can excuse his question as the musings of the innocent, but the elder King is another story. There is no turning of the tide. President Obama and his family are an example of a lovely family and there are many like them within the community, but there are also many that are struggling in these tough economic times and there are many black children receiving sub-standard education in one of the richest countries in the world. So before we all get carried a way and put the lyrics to We Shall Overcome in the attic let’s enjoy this week and take in all of its historical significance, but let us not be deceived as Chris Rock famously said most white men would not want to trade places with him and as he said “I’m rich”.