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Dr. Laura Tells Larry King she is Quitting Radio in the Wake of Her N-Word Tirade

 Dr. “Laura Schlessinger announced last night on Larry King’s show that she will be ending her show at the end of the year. She said “the reason is, I want to regain my First Amendment rights. I want to be able to say what’s on my mind and in my heart and what I think is helpful and useful without somebody getting angry, some special-interest group deciding this is the time to silence a voice of dissent and attack affiliates, attack sponsors. I’m sort of done with that.” She said she will devote her time to writing books, blogs and othe Internet related activities. She is seemingly positioning herself as the victim in this situation. In our society she had the right to use the N-word as much as she wanted but others had the right to protest her use of the word. It will be interesting to see where she lands. I can think of at least one news network that would welcome her point of view.



Why is the Media Still so Fascinated with Carrie Prejean?

Yesterday the women of The View got into a heated exchange regarding the recent Carrie Prejean visit. Whoopi Goldberg said that the ex beauty queen acted rather “bitchy.” They also discussed her Larry King Live appearance. Prejean threatened to leave the show because she said King’s questions were inappropriate. Prejean is on the talk show circuit promoting her new book, but she has also had to discuss a recently released “sex tape.” Her former boyfriend has released tapes she gave him to the media. Prejean claimed she was 17 when the tapes were made, but her boyfriend said she was 20 at the time. He also said she called him and asked him to lie about her age. Let’s just take a minute to talk about him. He is truly the scum of the earth, but he is a cautionary tale. Do not give anything to anyone that you want to stay private. It won’t and if you achieve any level of fame it will come back to haunt you. I am no fan of Prejean but I am a fan of fairness and to allow her boyfriend to cloke his own identity while releasing these tapes and photos is simply unfair.

Balloon Boy Hoax?


Yesterday all news outlets particularly the cable outlets were glued to the image of an escaped balloon. The ballon had been let loose and the fear was there was a 6 year old boy inside. The family was no stranger to television since they have appeared on the show ABC Wife Swap twice. After balloon finally landed there was no boy inside. Where was the little boy? Hiding in a box in the attic. Most parents would have throughly searched the home before they alerted law enforcement. The family later appeared on CNN Larry King Live and the 6 year old blurted out “we did it for the show. ” The father got indignant and said he did not like the inference, but let’s just look at this. Escaped balloon, missing boy in the middle of the afternoon this is a cable news dream. The estimated cost for this fiasco is estimated to be 2 million dollars. At this point we can’t say it was hoax, but it is a questionable situation. News outlets spent so much time and resources on this story even when it turned out not to be a story they had to lead off with the story and it was in fact no story. It’s just a real shame that there was not real news yesterday. Sadly, there was but all cameras were pointed on ballon boy.

Why is Mackenzie Phillips Sharing Her Family Secrets? Answer: She Has a New Book

Over the past few days we have seen Mackenzie Phillips on Oprah, Larry King, the Today Show and Entertainment Tonight. On each show she has shared “sordid” details of her affair with her father. If her story is true then this is despicable. She admits that she was an adult during some of these encounters with her father. The sad thing about her allegations is the fact her father is dead. He is not here to refute her allegations. By her own admission she has abused drugs for over 35 years so we have to question the reliability of her memory. Her stepmother has called her a liar. She is not just making these public pronouncements to cleanse her soul. Phillips has a new book that she is peddling as she shares juicy morsels with the myriad of news outlets lined up to hear her share her tales. She says that she wants to be a spokesperson for victims of incest, and that might be true, but I wish her father was here to tell his side of the story. There are always three sides to every story, her side, his side and the truth. Sadly, we are only hearing Mackenzie’s version of the truth.

Chris Brown Needs A New PR Strategy: I Don’t Remember Won’t Cut It

Chris Brown’s taped interview will be aired Wednesday night on Larry King Live. In the interview Brown claims he does not remember assaulting his former girlfriend. He says that is not who he is. This interview is part of an effort to resurrect his faltering career, and it does not seem to be working. On Morning Joe the host, Joe Scarborough and his fellow panelist were mocking Brown’s response and even asking why was Brown spared jail time? One even said that Michael Vick served 2 years for dog fighting how was Brown spared when he assaulted a woman. They even referred to Brown as a “thug”. It is obvious that this interview is not going to benefit Brown. His mother and his lawyer were with him during the interview, but one has to wonder who is advising them? The “I don’t remember” strategy is not going to work. Brown is not a thug, but he is a batterer and he has to own up to his behavior. The goal of this public relations effort is to rehabilitate his career, but this strategy is flawed. His interview has put him back in the news but his motives are being questioned and now he has to backtrack and when you are trying to stage a comeback you really don’t have time to backtrack.

Colin Powell Comments on the Gates Controversy and Relates His Own Racial Profiling Story on Larry King Live

We are going into the second week of the Gates controversy. Unless you live under a rock you have heard the facts of the case. Or shall I say the disputed facts. In this case the facts vary depending on whose telling them. Some say the President weighed into the controversy, but I contend he was dragged into it. Nevertheless he will be having a beer with Professor Gates and Sgt. Crowley very soon. The story refuses to die and last night on Larry King Live General Colin Powell said that he too had been the victim of racial profiling many times. Powell said Gates could have handled the situation differently. Powell urged young people confronted by the police to “cooperate. Don’t make the situation more difficult.”  When King asked Powell how did it make him feel Powell said “Do you get angry? Yes. Do you manifest that anger? You protest, you try to get things fixed, but it’s kind of a better course of action to take it easy and don’t let your anger make the current situation worse.” It is easy for people to comment on the Gates controversy, and say Gates might have handled the situation better, but it is easy to be a Monday morning quarterback.  We will never really know what happened in that house so we will never know how we would have reacted to the situation. Powell is a disciplined military man who worked his way up and to do that he has had to learn to keep his emotions in check.  So it stands to reason that Powell would have handled the situation differently, and it also stands to reason that no cop in America today would have cuffed Gen. Colin Powell not even Sgt. Crawley.

I’m No Fan of Sarah Palin, but Enough from Levi Johnston


Last night Levin Johnston and his clan were guests of Larry King. Johnston was again lamenting about the fact that he does not get the opportunity to have unsupervised time with his child. King asked him did he pay child support and his answer was no. He said that he had everything the baby needed at his house, but the fact is the baby does not live at his house and Johnston is in fact a “deadbeat dad” in search of a microphone and he keeps getting one. I am no fan of Sarah Palin, but enough of this. Their situation should be a family affair and not something discussed on talk shows. Some have suggested that she ignore Johnston, but as a mother I understand her need to protect, but as a politician that course might not be the smart one. So what is the solution? Stop giving this “deadbeat dad” the stage for him to keep airing private dirty laundry. Palin’s position on the issues are enough to keep me from ever voting for her we do not need to become a part of this “baby daddy” drama.