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D’Angelo Russell is rich, young, gifted and oh so immature

What man records another man having a personal conversation with him? That man is D’Angelo Russell. Russell is a LA Laker and he did the unthinkable. He broke the “bro code”. Somehow the tape was released to the public. He claims to not know how it happened but he put Nick Young’s business on blast. So last night Russell apologized for his actions, but what is the real problem. Could it be that the NBA used to be a place for men and over the years it has become a haven for talented kids. Too often boys who grew up without a real role model but they had incredible talent and they have been catered to on their way to the big payday. They are talented kids who become talented millionaires but along the way they miss out on simply growing up. Learning how o make serious decisions. learning how to be accountable for their actions. Russell is being ostracized by his teammates and vilified by the press, but is it really his fault. Share your thoughts.


Metta World Peace identified by Chicago TV station as “Lakers Idiot”…fair or foul?

Metta World Peace (Ron Artest) is a violent force in the NBA. He has been suspended for some of his vicious acts on the NBA hardwood, but is he worthy of being identified as “Lakers Idiot” on the screen? A Chicago television outlet must have though so when they put the graphic on the live shot. What do you think fair or foul?

Rod Artest suspended for 7 games, is that enough?

The NBA has suspended Ron Artest for 7 games without pay for the vicious hit on James Harden. That means he will miss the last game of the season and the first 6 games of the playoffs. Artest has been suspended a number of times, and you have to wonder if suspension is the deterrent that he needs. Should they have done more? Keep in mind if he had done this same thing let’s say in the grocery store he probably would have been arrested. What do you think?

Metta World Peace is still Ron Artest

A few years ago Ron Artest was an Indiana Pacer. During his tenure as a Pacer he was sitting on a scorer’s table while a play was being discussed and a spectator poured soda on him. Artest retaliated and a fight ensued. Artest was suspended for 69 games which actually was the remainder of the season. I believe that Artest never should have gone after the fan, but I also don’t believe by purchasing a ticket that you have the right to violate a player. Since that incident Artest has undergone anger management and changed his name to reflect his new persona: Metta World Peace. Well yesterday Mr. Peace must have stayed home and told Ron Artest to suit up. Metta took a cheap shot and leveled Oklahoma Thunder player James Harden with his elbow and once he was assessed a flagrant foul and immediate ejection he tried to feign innocence by saying he was actually celebrating his dunk. Come on Ron, I mean Metta, I mean Mr. Cheap Shot. Whatever he wants to be called it does not matter what he did yesterday on the court would be classified as assault on the streets and what he demonstrates is he changed his name, but he like the leopard can not change his spots.