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Is Campaign 2016 Keeping it Real or Keeping it Real Ridiculous?

When did reality television replace reality? In 2000, CBS released the reality show Survivor, and Americans were hooked. Shows like this could be made cheaply and if you were fortunate enough to get a well- known person to participate you could start counting the Benjamins. This is how the Kardashians went from a family to a brand, and how Donald Trump went from being a successful New York realtor to mega-media personality.
Reality television is predicated on drama. The facts and the truth are often missing in action, but the frenetic drama is front and center. Viewers don’t want to be bogged down with issues of integrity or morality? This is almost like having a once a week fantasy. It’s pure escapism. This is not a problem unless this starts to bleed over into real life. Donald Trump’s candidacy has been the beneficiary of reality television. He was discovered there and over the past eight months we have watched him masterfully use the mainstream media tactics he perfected on NBC, The Apprentice. Real people need real solutions with real plans for the future and that seems to be missing in 2016. Recently, President Obama said at the Rutgers University commencement, “In politics and in life, Ignorance is not a virtue,” he said. “It’s not cool to not know what you’re talking about. That’s not keeping it real or telling it like it is. That’s not challenging political correctness. That’s just not knowing what you’re talking about. And yet we’ve become confused about this.” We have always been a nation that conquered challenges. Sought answers to questions. Ignorance was temporal as we pursued truth, but in 2016 we watch crowds clap and affirm meaningless lines from the stump. No one seems to be asking the real question “how”? What are the voters looking for in a candidate? Someone to tap into our fears and exploit them to their advantage, or someone who has plan with real direction? So far all my questions have been about the candidates, but we have to flip the mirror and look ourselves. Have we become more Kardashian than Camelot, more Trump than Obama? Are we witnessing more than another election? Will this simply become the new normal or are we seeing a real change in how we select a leader? This is important and it is up to the voters to decide how they want this to end and that is a reality.

Why is America fascinated with the Kardashians?

Interesting article. Share your thoughts.


Kim and Kanye get Vogue cover…why is this a big deal?

kimye vogue
Rap star and reality queen are featured on the cover of Vogue magazine. Some love them and others hate them, but why are they on the cover of Vogue? Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Kanye West punches 18 year old for calling Kim Kardshian the N-word

Kanye West might be crazy, but in this case he might also be right. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

Kanye and Kim to Wed are they the world’s most obnoxious couple?

Kanye and Kim(ye) are getting married. People are wondering out loud “how long will it last?” Odds are it will last longer than 72 days, but no one gives it more than 2 years. The fact is no one knows. They are two of a kind and maybe this is the one that last, but you can bet your life there will be fireworks…E wouldn’t have it any other way!


Kim Kardashian says she is going to raise her child not to see color, is that possible?

Simple question: is it possible to raise a child that does not see color? Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Will America be over the Kardashians in 2012?

America seemingly can’t get enough of this family, but the real question is why? Barbara Walters had them as part of her fascinating people special this year, and she asked them the same question. She actually said to them that they lacked talent, but for some reason people find them fascinating. It would seem they have outlasted their 15 minutes, but they keep getting extensions. Will America come to its senses in 2012? Tell me what you think.

Tyler Perry Explains why Kim Kardashian is in his latest movie

Kim Kardashian will be appearing in Tyler Perry’s next movie, The Marriage Counselor. Perry’s movies have always appealed to the church going, Bible toting, hat wearing, hankerchief on their knees crowd. So the idea of Kim Kardashian, the woman who first came to fame via a sex tape with Brandy’s little brother Ray J simply did not seem like a perfect fit in a Perry movie. Well, Perry recently took to his website to acknowledge the fans and explain his decision. The best way fans can show their displeasure is simply not go, Perry has a right to cast anyone he likes in his projects and fans have a right to keep their money in their wallets.


E Network Defends Decision to Rerun the Kardashian Wedding

It is impossible to escape the Kardashian debacle. It is everywhere. the news networks, the entertainment networks, and the talk shows. We have seen Kim look pathetic as she laments the end of the marriage and asks for privacy and time to heal. Really??? This from a woman who burst into the public conscience via a sex tape. The marriage lasted for 72 days. Now E has announced that it wil re-air the event next week. Is that so bad? No, because this is reality televsion where nothing is really real. So next week viewers will get another opportunity to watch this spectacle of excess, but this time no one will wonder whether this couple will have a happy ending we all know how it ends…divorce court. Oh, that’s an idea maybe they can appear on Divorce Court.


Kim Kardashian files for divorce…does this surprise anyone?

I watch reality television, but I have my limits, and the Kardashians are the limit. I don’t watch shows that try to pass off phony relationships as real. Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce. While this is not a surprise it is obnoxious. The Kardashian wedding was featured on the E network. It was an over the top display of excess. Some would call it good television, but when you mix marriage up in a mess like this it goes from being a television show and turns into an assault on marriage. Sure most marriages now end in divorce, but most last longer that it takes the ink to dry on the marriage license. This was a total farce and while not surprised it is still a shame.