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Kelley Williams-Bolar’s Pardon Request has been denied

Kelley Williams-Bolar was denied a a pardon today by the Ohio Parole Board. Williams-Bolar is a mother that registered her children in a school district that she thought would give her daughters a better education. “Williams-Bolar, now 41, was convicted in Summit County Common Pleas Court earlier this year on two felony counts of tampering with records for improperly enrolling her daughters in the Copley-Fairlawn school district. She served nine days in jail. She used her father’s address as hers to enroll the girls. She contended she did so to protect her daughters from coming home to an empty home. The board said that Williams-Bolar could have moved to the district, if she were truly fearful for her daughters’ safety, as she claimed. In their decision, the parole board said: “It is difficult for the board to follow the logic of how her children’s enrollment in a different school entails keeping her children safe after school, and was the real reason behind her enrollment of her daughters [in Copley],” the board wrote. Board members also said her plea for a pardon to help her attain a teaching certificate, is nearly moot, saying Williams-Bolar is “nowhere near to obtaining a college degree in any discipline…” Williams-Bolar has said she has been attending UA part- and full-time since 1988 and is a senior. She is pursuing a bachelor of arts degree in family and consumer sciences and child development, but has no anticipated graduation date. The board found Williams-Bolar was not subjected to selective prosecution nor was her jail sentence unduly harsh.”* There is no doubt that Williams-Bolar committed a crime but the problem is why? The answer is schools in her zoned area were simply not on the same level as the school in her father’s zoned district. She wanted something better for her daughters and she knew the Akron schools were not the answer. I can see why she did what she did but that does not excuse the crime, but to call this a felony seems a little much. her last chance is clemency and that can only be granted by the governor. Tell me what you think.


Should Kelly Williams-Bolar be in jail?

Kelly Williams Bolar broke the law. She sent her children to a school near her father’s home which was not their zoned school. This happens everyday but rarely is someone sentenced to jail time. Bolar has to serve 10 days in jail and she will be on probation for 2 years. The real crime here is why are some schools in this country sub-standard? Tell me what you think.