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At what point do we stop laughing at Katt Williams?

The latest clip burning up the Internet is Katt Williams fighting a middle school student. Sadly the middle school student gets the better of grown man Williams but the real issue is wha is wrong with Williams. he has always been eractic but now he just seems like a sad, pathetic clown. He needs help not chuckles and hopefully there is someone in his life that will be able to recognize the real tears of this clown.


Katt Williams Apoligizes for Anti-Mexican Rant or does he?

Yesterday Katt Williams appeared on CNN with TJ Holmes to “apologize” for an anti-Mexican rant that happened during a show in Arizona. Williams contends it was pro-American not anti-Mexican. You be the judge is this apology or a justification, and should comdieans apologize for things they say in their shows? Tell me what you think.

Blogging: The Disrespected Medium

by Gail J. (“as i see it”) and Joni R. (“politics from the eyes of an ebony mom”)
Comedian Rodney Dangerfield made a living telling us how he got “No Respect.” In today’s media, “no respect” could be any blogger’s mantra. 
 If you listened to countless celebrities, journalists, and random haters, you would think that bloggers are pathetic souls with no lives, no homes, no dreams, and, most importantly, no talent. Let them tell it, we live in dank hovels…that is those of us who don’t live in our parents’ basements. We are nerdy, dorky, dweeby, fat, skinny, pale, dark, pimply, dirty, unloved creatures not equipped to function in real society or live among real people. We are the absolute height of uncool because all the cool kids hang out at Twitter and Facebook. These same celebrities certainly don’t mind when our *little* blogs mention them, thus keeping interest going in their brands. And unsurprisingly, these same journalists don’t mind when we link to their articles and help drive up their numbers. Don’t get us wrong: we know that not all blogs are created equal…where there’s good there is most definitely bad. All we’re saying is don’t continually dismiss us bloggers when everyone in the media is adjusting to L.W.I.: Life With the Internet.  
With over 200,000 views of our combined blogs, we’d like to say that we respectfully disagree with blog detractors. We blog because we have important ideas, experiences, and insights to share and, clearly, our readers agree. And might we add that these ideas, experiences, and insights are OFTEN overlooked in more traditonal outlets. In the current media environment, newspapers and magazines are folding at alarming rates because reporting is now primarily done via cable news programs and online sites. The blog is the one place left where a talented writer can make a name for herself and share her work with the world at large. In closing, we thank WordPress for giving us this phenomenal medium. In their own way, these blogs have helped us maintain our sanity in truly trying times. We also thank every reader who’s taken the time to read our posts and/or comment. Even if you didn’t agree with what we said, we hope we gave you a different perspective. Finally, we close with a message to the haters in the ever-colorful words of comedian Katt Williams: [If you] don’t have nobody to hate on, feel free to hate on me!