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Is Katina Powell proof positive that shame has died?

I watched this clip and I was astounded to hear Katina Powell speak so casually about pimping her daughters out. She has written a book about her relationship to the Louisville Cardinals. She supplied the women who were used to help close the deal with the college recruits. This is not shocking. It probably happens on more campuses then we will ever know, but to see a woman speak like this is the shocker. What happened to shame? When did it die? She and her daughters will be appearing on The View tomorrow to share their story. Over the years we have seen the media take a quick descent to the bottom, and bottom feeders are now welcome to share their tales withe the world. We saw this with the Tiger Wood debacle. We saw women line up for their opportunity at the microphone. They all told of their antics with Woods. The media elevated them. They were no longer women who knowingly slept with a married man. They were victims. They bore no shame, but Woods was the villian. Shame no longer exists. Do as you please and if you can sell your story fame although it might be temporary awaits you.

Katina Powell writes tell all about Louisville Cardinals, but the big shock…she admits pimping out her duaghters

I just watched Katina Powell on Inside Edition. She was talking about how she organized parties for the Louisville Cardinals. She said they were in fact sex parties, but she also admitted that her daughters participated. What? A mother admitting she pimped out her daughter. She said it proudly devoid of shame. When did shame die? Share your thoughts.