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Six year old transgender girl banned from girls bathroom…parents suing school district

A few days ago Coy Mathis appeared on Katie Couric’s show. Mathis’ parents said their son has felt like a girl all his life and they were assisting him in his transition to becoming a girl. Mathis had been permitted to dress as a girl and attend school. Recently the school has banned Mathis from using the girls bathroom and given Mathis the option of using the restroom in the nurse’s office. The parents believe that this will stigmatize Mathis so they are suing the school. So what do you think, should Mathis be allowed to use the girls restroom even though Mathis has not had surgery? Are parents justified in voicing concerns regarding Mathis using the girls restroom? Share your thoughts.


NBC employee fired for releasing Couric & Gumbel funny Internet video

This clip was filmed in 1994. today then anchors Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel are discussing the Internet. It was a new animal at the time and now their conversation is humorous, but not to NBC brass. The employee who unearthed this treasure and released it to the public has been fired.  In a statement, NBC confirmed it fired the employee responsible for first distributing the footage. “The individual in question violated the company’s standards of conduct by repeatedly copying and distributing a variety of materials without permission,” the statement said.

Note to American Journalists: If You See someone Riding Toward You on a Camel it is time to come home

Today we watched the Cairo protest dissolve into chaos. Yesterday we saw jublilant pro-democracy protesters, and today we saw opposition forces doing what ever was necessary to disperse the crowd. NBC Lester Holt said “just showing a camera can make you a target.” CNN Anderson Cooper said rocks were being thrown at Him and his crew. I was amazed to see men on camels riding into the crowd. It seems like it is time for the American journalists to do what other Americans are doing and that is to get out of Cairo. There are other safer means of getting a story. This is a big story but it is time for American Journalists to pack up their cameras and go.

CNN Anderson Cooper roughed up by Egyptian Mob…are reporters too close to the action?

(Source- Washington Post)

CAIRO — “Journalists covering protests in Cairo, including CNN’s Anderson Cooper and two Associated Press correspondents, have been roughed up in the crowd. Cooper says he and his crew were attacked by supporters of President Hosni Mubarak on Wednesday. CNN later said no one was seriously hurt. Two Associated Press correspondents and several other journalists were roughed up during gatherings of Mubarak supporters. European papers reported that a Belgian journalist was also beaten, detained and accused of spying by unidentified people in civilian clothes. State TV reported Tuesday night that foreigners were caught distributing anti-Mubarak leaflets, apparently trying to depict the movement as foreign-fueled.” Over the past few days we have watched what has benn going on in Egypt. The crowd is demanding that the president step down. Each day the crowd has grown and when you view it you wonder if the American reporters will be safe. The thing about a mob is you never really know what they will do and what will set them off. Is the need to get the story standing in the way of common sense. Tell me what you think. Are reporters too close to the action.

Katie Couric Mocks Candidate Sarah Palin in 2008…does this prove anything?

This raw footage shows CBS anchor Katie Couric taking some shots at then candidate Sarah Palin. This footage was prior to the infamous Couric/Palin interview. Does it prove Couric had a bias or is it much ado about nothing? Tell me what you think.

Super Bowl 44 Did Not Disappoint

First of all while I am a fan of President Obama I do not want to hear him discussing policy of the day of the big game. Each network that host the Super Bowl uses it as an opportunity to hype all of their shows, and this was an opportunity for CBS to showcase Katie Couric at our expense.  It is fine to interview the commander and chief but keep it light we came to have fun. The interview with Plaxico Burress was also somber but it was relevant. Burress was a participant in the Super Bowl two years ago and now he is a prison inmate so it was interesting to see him go from a celebrated athlete to a repentant prisoner. CBS Jim Brown also did a piece on the residents of the 9th Ward. When we listen to the New Orleans Cinderella story we would think the entire city has experienced a rebirth, but that is simply not true and I was glad to see the piece on the residents of the 9th Ward. That section of the city looks like Katrina was yesterday. So it was a good move to give them opportunity to talk about that part of the city and not just the remodeled Dome.  All of these was important moments but it was a great game and I was happy to see the Saints win. So now they can say “Who Dat? Won That!”

Salahis Appear on Today Show Claiming Email Invite

This morning the infamous Salahi’s appeared on the Today Show. Prior to their appearance the brother of Tareq in an inteview basically said they are media hounds and they yearn for publicity. Matt Lauer interviewed them and he pressed them for a simple answer that he did not get. The central question is did they receive an invitation? They said they are currently working with the Secret Service and the truth will come out. They said they have detailed emails that will exonerate them. Emails!!!? Call me crazy but this a formal dinner I hardly think a mass email went out to the invitees. I think an event of this nature would warrant a formal invitation and they did not get one. Let’s halt this farce they crashed plain and simple. We learned today that this same couple crashed the Congressional Black Caucus dinner in September. In that case their security team escorted them out of the affair, but they claim that too is a lie. The bottomline is we are still talking about them and they got their shot on the Today Show. So in their minds probably any press is good press so this is a good day.

Is Sarah Palin Going Rogue or Just Going Crazy?

 Sarah Palin gave Katie Couric the interview during the campaign because Katie Couric had “low self-esteem”? This is one of the claims Palin makes in her book. Palin contends “McCain campaign adviser Nicolle Wallace pushed for the now-famous Katie Couric interview because the CBS anchor needed a self-esteem “boost”. Katie Couric is a household name. We knew Couric before we met the moose eating messenger from Alaska. So the idea that Palin could provide Couric with a self esteem boost is ludicrous. During that now infamous interview Couric asked Palin what magazines did she read. Palin was unable to answer that question. Most of us non vice-presidential candidates could rattle off at least 3 to 5 magazines that we read but this question left Palin with a deer in the headlight look on her face. This interview was important to Palin, but what it di d was show the country that this woman did not possess the depth necessary to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Now a year later she is attempting to rewrite history and in doing so she is not only insulting Couric but she has thrown the entire McCain campaign staff under the bus too. The irony is we knew last year she was not ready when the McCainites told us she was and now they are getting stung by the kind of zingers she hurled at President Obama. What a difference a year makes.

Walter Cronkite News Legend Dies…Does the Twitter Generation Even Know Him?

Yesterday as I watched the Walter Cronkite coverage one thing stood out. The majority of the people paying homage to Walter Cronkite were old. They were not relics but they all seemed to be 50 plus. Cronkite was 92 at the time of his death and had not sat at the anchor desk for almost 30 years so it stands to reason that he is just a page from the history book to the wikipedia generation. The Twitter generation probably could not tell you who currently sits at the anchor desk of the big 3 today so Cronkite simply has no real relevance in their lives. How do you teach history to a generation that thinks history is what happened last week? Cronkite was a broadcasting legend who had a major impact on the media, but this is a generation that probably saw his picture on the Internet yesterday and scratched their head and said “who’s this old guy”.  Maybe somebody on Twitter can tweet the answer.

Why Walter Cronkite Mattered

 Last night when I read Walter Cronkite had died I felt a real sense of sadness. He is the last of his kind. He was once named the “Most trusted man in America ‘’. This is a title that no journalist will ever receive in our time. We live in the age of instant news and we have very few real journalists in our newsroom. We have talking heads, blowhards and egomaniacs sitting at our news desks. We no longer just have the big three networks. We will never respect or trust a journalist like we trusted Uncle Walter. His death is not an end of an era because that era ended a long time ago. Walter Cronkite mattered because in his time and during turbulent times in this country he sat at the desk and gave it to us straight. No false indignation, no opinion, the facts plain and simple told by a reliable source and that is what is missing from the news today.