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Katherine Webb’s Carl Jr. Commercial is beyond steamy…where is the outrage?

Earlier this year ESPN veteran broadcast Brent Musburger was struck by Katherine Webb’s beauty. She was the girlfriend of a college quarterback and when Musburger saw her in the stands he went on and on talking about her beauty. Some saw his effusive praise as inappropriate and there were calls for him to apologize. People did not want Webb to simply be viewed as a sex symbol, but where are the voices now? Webb is a more than willing participant in this ad, and had it not been for Musburger she probably would not have even gotten the ad, but look at it. She does not seem to be the victim of anything here, but being the star of an overly suggestive hamburger ad. Somebody does deserve an apology, and that is Brent Musburger.

In Defense of Brent Musburger

katherine webb
ESPN issued an apology to Katherine Webb for Brent Musburger’s on air complimenting of Miss Alabama Katherine Webb. Musburger described Webb as gorgeous and beautiful. Musburger’s on air complimenting led to Webb’s Twitter followers going from nil to over 200 thousand. Webb has said she was not bothered by him. So why did ESPN feel the need to issue an apology? If she was not offeneded who are they apologizing to? All women? Musburger did not say she is “so Hot”. He said beautiful. When did that become an insult? Share your thoughts.