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Eric Winston lectures the Kansas City fans for cheering downed quarterback, but is this the new normal?

Yesterday Kansas City Chief quarterback Matt Cassels got knocked out and his own fans cheered. His teamate Eric Winston lectured the fans on their bad behavior. He said that this is the game they have chosen but they are not gladiators and the behavior of the fans was simply unacceptable. As you listen to him talk you feel his passion, but has bad behavior simply become the new norm? We are seeing parents jump on referees at their kids games, we are seeing children defy their teachers and their parents side with them, yesterday a tape was released that showed two bridal parties brawling at their wedding reception venues. So is it surprising that a crowd of 70K would show no humanity when their quarterback goes down? I am in no way excusing their bad behavior I am just saying this is happening everywhere and the question is not where is the civility, the real question is does anyone know the definition of civility?