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Jon Stewart’s Brilliant Take on Donald Trump and the RNC

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Will Trevor Noah be the latest to die death by 140 characters?

In this Twitter age people feel the need to share all aspects of their lives via Twitter. People in show business feel they have to ┬ábe funny and witty, but some of their tweets come back to haunt them. Yesterday Comedy Central anointed Trevor Noah as the successor to Jon Stewart. Somebody failed to cull through his Twitter history and now we are reading tweets that many deem offensive. Will Noah lose the job before he gets a chance to sit in the seat? Noah might just be one of the latest to convicted of Twitter suicide…death by 140 characters.


Jon Stewart lampoons Peggy Noonan in his “Nooney Tunes”

Peggy Noonan, former speechwriter for Ronald Reagan is a frequent panelist on sunday morning talk shows, and she is consistent in her cricitism of the president, but Jon Stewart shows how her scale of wrongness has changed over the years. Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Donald Trump Accsuses Jon Stewart of Racism…does he have a point?

The Donald is accusing Jon Stweart of racism in his assessment of the Herman Cain controversy. Trump asks where are the defenders of the black race he calls out for al Sharpton, Jesse jackson and even sleepy eyed NBC Chuck Todd, but did Stewart cross the line. Watch the clip and tell me what you think.


The conversation that got CNN Rick Sanchez Fired

Rick Sanchez was fired from CNN today. His own words got him canned but should he have been fired? Should he have been disciplined? If his show was really popular would he have suffered the same fate? Tell me what you think.

Fox News Sells the Clearest Narrative

Jon Stewart appearing on the O’Reilly Factor said that “Fox News sells the clearest narrative” of all the news networks. This is very true. You know where Fox stands. They are committed to seeing the president fail and this narrative is carried from their news shows to their opinion shows. It is hard to distinguish between the two. They do not waiver from that commitment. Unlike MSNBC who have their resident conservative Pat Buchanan on staff, Fox News does not feel the need to pay lip service to liberals by including any of them on their roster. ┬áThere is nothing fair or balanced about their approach, but you have to give them points for consistency. They have a mission and their ratings are going through the roof. Whether you agree with them or not they do stand for something.