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The View Crew grills side chick Rielle Hunter

Reille Hunter is out promoting her new book and this morning she visited The View. The ladies came at her with their claws drawn. We all know that Hunter had an affair with John Edwards while he was married to the late Elizabeth Edwards. Hunter says some very unkind words about Elizabeth Edwards and the ladies asked her wife would she dod that. Her response is that the public view the late Mrs. Edwards as a saint and John Edwards as a demon and it is more complex than that, but was this her place to do? The other thing that is interesting is seeing how barbara Walters shows total disdain for Hunter, but Walters herself also had an affair with a married Senator back in the day. Hunter was a mistress and now she says she wants to be viewed as a mom, but it is hard to see her in this narrow view.

What’s next for John Edwards?

It has been interesting listening to the pundits analyze the John Edwards case. Edwards played on his cancer stricken wife, he had a child by his lover and then he denied paternity and then he was tried on misusing campaign funds, but yesterday he was acquitted on one count and the judge declared a mistrial on the other counts. So where does Edwards go from here? Edwards said “God is not through with him yet”, but the pundits greeted this statement with a groan. Some are suggesting that he simply go away and if he wants to something good do it out of the spotlights, but as I watch all the stones being thrown at Edwards I have to wonder who among us has truly clean hands. We might not have replicated his misdeeds, but what have we done? Are we really fit to be his judge? Share your thoughts.

The View Barbara Walters says John Edwards does not care about his child

Today the ladies of The View were discussing the John Edwards case. In discussing the trial Barbara Walters said Edwards never cared about Rielle Hunter, and she went a step further by saying he did not care about the child he fathered with Hunter. Some of her co-hosts challenged her assessment, but the Queen of Talk did not back down. It is one thing for her to take shots at Edwards he might deserve it, but the child is now 4 years old, and it is just reckless and cruel to bring the innocent child into any discussion of the misdeeds of the parents. Shame on you Babs.

John Edwards sure looks happy on his mug shot…wonder why?

This is John Edwards’ mugshot. It looks like a photo ready for a campaign brochure. Is he still posing trying to convince us he is a good guy or does he simply come alive in the flashing lights?

Elizabeth Edwards Showed Grace in the Storm

Yesterday we learned that Elizabeth Edwards cancer had spread and that they were no longer treating the disease. The doctors are now keeping her comfortable.  Edwards posted a Facebook message Monday on her personal page to her friends. “I have been sustained throughout my life by three saving graces – my family, my friends, and a faith in the power of resilience and hope,” she wrote. “These graces have carried me through difficult times and they have brought more joy to the good times than I ever could have imagined. The days of our lives, for all of us, are numbered. We know that.” We all know we are going to die but we sometimes live as if we don’t, but there is a point where we are forced to face it. Over the past few years we have watched Edwards as she learned of her husband’s infidelity and that he had fathered a child with the other woman. we have seen the other woman go on Oprah and insult Elizabeth Edwards, but in spite of all that was going on around her we saw Edwards simply keep living. Keep writing and ultimately inspiring us.

Is Oprah Winfrey Really going to interview Rielle Hunter?

Oprah Winfrey is going to interview Rielle Hunter in May according to the National Enquirer and it must be true after all they were the first paper to break the john Edwards story.  My question is why would Winfrey want to interview her? The easy answer is she will get incredible ratings as she allows Hunter share her version of her relationship with John Edwards. Do we want to really hear more from Hunter? We have heard her tell how she and “Johnnie” were so in love. We have heard her describe the evil side of cancer survivor Elizabeth Edwards. Frankly, I think we have given this woman more attention than she is worth, but obviously I am espousing a minority view becase Winfrey seems to know what her people want, and they must want to hear the real story from Rielle.

Are politicians worse or is technology better?

Eric Massa, Larry Craig, John Edwards and David Vitter, this bipartisan team of politicians have all been involved in some type of sex scandal. When you look at our current politicians you simply have to shake your head. Are politicians worse than they were back in the day? Let’s look at the Kennedy clan. John and Robert were rumored to have both bedded Marilyn Monroe, but the public did not hear of their escapades until they both were buried. Their younger brother Ted was involved in a car accident that left a young woman dead. Richard Nixon did not engage in sexploits, but over the past few years we have heard tapes of conversations in his White House that revealed a president that simply did not like black people, but again he too was dead as these revelations were revealed to the public.  The patron saint of black people Martin Luther King who was not a politician, but a public figure, was known to have had a weakness for the ladies. The FBI even tried to blackmail him with information they had gathered regarding his extramarital affairs, but few in the public knew of King’s proclivities. None of the aforementioned men would have been able to carry on like this in this technologically savvy society. Everybody and their brother has a cell phone even the cheapest Trac phone now has a camera. Twitter allows people to instantly transmit a message that can be read by millions. It is impossible to keep a secret in our society. So is our society better?

If You Work for a Campaign Should Your Loyalty Be to the Candidate or the Voters?

Over the past few weeks we have seen powerful people who have been involved in high impact elections tell astounding stories about the candidates they once served.  Steve Schmidt former McCain loyalist appeared on 60 Minutes and said that Sarah palin was woefully unprepared to be the vice president. This is even more astounding in light of the fact that he is the one that championed her candidacy to John McCain, but throughout the campaign the team kept saying she would be ready to serve on day one.  John Edwards the champion of the poor was also a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He “knocked boots” with Rielle Hunter, and when she became pregnant he talked a married aide into claiming paternity. That former aide Andrew Young is currently peddling his story in his tell all book, The Politician. In both situations the staff knew all the secrets, but nobody talked until they were paid to share their stories. I know loyalty is essential in a campaign, but when does loyalty cross the line into fraud? It seems like this is a real disservice to the voters, but who really cares about the voters?

If Andrew Young is Your Friend You Don’t Need Enemies

Andrew Young, former aide, to John Edwards and author of the book, The Politician appeared on The View this morning along with his wife. He originally claimed paternity of Edwards lovechild. He is currently on a book tour and he seems to have a two-fold mission: sell books and destroy all public affection for Elizabeth and John Edwards.  What Edwards did is indefensible. He had an affair, fathered a child, lied about fathering a child and deceived his wife, but this public flogging of Elizabeht Edwards is a little hard to take. She might not be St. Elizabeth, but she is a woman who is dying of cancer and who was duped by her philandering husband.  Why are they doing this? It is just plain cruel. This story is sad on so many levels. It is a story of deceit. Young and his wife are trying to come off as victims, but by writing this book he has revealed himself to be a greedy opportunist. He says he was deceived as well as the rest of Edwards staff and that is one of the reasons he wrote this book. Yes, he might have been deceived but he wrote this book to make money. Nobody in this has clean hands, but attacking Elizabeth Edwards is just mean.

What Does I am Sorry Really Mean?

“I am sorry” is becoming one of the most over-used phrases in the world. The latest Sorry Sack is former presidential candidate John Edwards. Today he finally acknowledged that he is the father of a baby conceived with Rielle Hunter. He had denied paternity and one of his campaign aides, Andrew Young had claimed he was the father. In light of the fact that Young has a book coming out in which he would have burst this lie wide open Edwards has no choice but to acknowledge the obvious. When South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford told his staff he was going for a hike and the press found out he actually was visiting his mistress in Argentina he appeared at the podium and he tearfully said he was sorry. Tiger Woods apologized via his website when his former mistresses started taking their turns at the microphone declaring they had all slept with Woods. So what does “I am sorry” really mean? Are they sorry for the deed or sorry they got caught? Is the apology sincere contrition or are they trying to reclaim their good name? When a 3 year old hits his sister and says “I am sorry” what do you do? You accept the apology and you teach them consequences for their actions. In the case of a toddler that might mean a time out.  You tell them I want you to think about what you did and why it was wrong and then we will talk.  This might not just be good for toddlers this might be effective for adults too.