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President Obama Accepted Rep. Wilson’s Apology, but There Should Still be Consequences

you_lie_t_shirt-p235516174133034924yjf1_125Today while watching Morning Joe I heard their resident conservative Pat Buchanan say Rep. Wilson apologized the president accepted it let’s move on. If only it was that easy. We can not simply move on because his sentiments represent an uneasy undercurrent that should not be ignored. Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) said in reference to the White House, “They’re going to have to develop ways in this White House to deal with things and not let them fester out there. Otherwise, they’ll see numbers moving in the wrong direction.” The White House needs to take heed to Clyburn’s words. Far too often the White House arrogantly writes off the fringe faction. They believe that if they put the facts out there eventually everyone will see the light, but in this political climate darkness can descend with such thickness that it is impossible to loose the truth from the dark fog. They laughed at the death panels and thought no one would believe this, but this blew up in their faces. When someone is lying you can’t just sit and wait for the truth to surface. They need to take the gloves off, and start fighting the good fight. Sometimes the good fight can get you dirty, but it is worth it.

Is America Headed for Civil War ?

 Disrespect for the President, talk of secession, tea parties all signs of the division within our country. When Barack Obama was elected in November I really felt proud of our country. The country had crossed a barrier that I did not think I would live to see, but there is also a group of Americans that never thought they would see that day and they experienced grief in the face of my elation. I thought we could move forward but that does not seem to be where this country is heading. Many times I have voted for presidential candidates that did not win, but I always regarded the victor as my president. So when I see Americans saying he is not my president or American citizens and Congressmen questioning the validity of his citizenship, I again see we are not moving forward. One of the things that vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin did successfully and continues to do is help in divide America. Throughout the campaign she championed the us against them strategy. She talked to her followers about how our president did not love America. She was part of this movement that feels emboldened to disrespect our president. We have governors talking about the possibility of seceding from the Union. We have Rep. Joe Wilson call the president a lie during a nationally televised Joint Session of Congress. He later apologized, but still claimed he was right. The interesting thing about Wilson is he is a son of the south. He grew up when segregation was the legal law of the land, in a time when a white child could call a black grandfather “boy”. He was a protégé of Strom Thurmond, a staunch segregationist who later had a “political” change of heart. So this is the pedigree that Wilson brings to his congressional chair. So for him to feel it is alright to scream out at the president is understandable because this president is not worthy of the same respect that his 43 other predecessors deserved. Today in Washington DC there is a Tea Party convening. Fox News has been central in coordinating this event. When did it become alright for a network to sponsor organized anarchy? Sure networks cover events. All networks will have correspondents to report the news but Fox is responsible for creating this event. They will talk about the fact that they are against the Obama healthcare strategy, but there is so much more at the core of this. You can turn on Fox News almost anytime of the day and they will be bashing Obama. This is seemingly their singular mission, and Tea Party meetings help them further their cause. In 1992 during the LA riots Rodney King asked this simple question, “can’t we all get along?” I am starting to wonder. For years we have been told there are two Americas, one black and one white, but the distinction is not that simple. Barack Obama was elected by people of all hues so this is not just a black issue, but his blackness is an issue. What are we going to do? Where is this leading us? Who profits from this kind of anger? This is not something organic somebody profits from this and when you answer that question you will know this will not end.

The New Toast of the Right Wing, Rep. Joe Wilson Appears on Sean Hannity’s Show

 On Tuesday night no one outside of South Carolina had probably heard of Rep. Joe Wilson, but what a difference a day makes. He is now a household name. He has apologized to the president, but he has started his justification tour. His first live appearance was in the friendly confines of Fox News. Sean Hannity tried to talk about how Wilson was being victimized by the left. Hannity showed a clip from a George W. Bush speech where the people in the gallery were audibly booing, but they did not do a Wilson shout out. Keith Olbermann said Wilson shouted at the president like a drunk shouts at a referee. Hannity concluded the interview by saying you can go to his website and make donations to Rep. Wilson. Tonight Hannity anointed him as one of the new and vocal voices of the right. Congratulations, Rep. Wilson you got what you really wanted–recognition.

When Did America Get So Mean?

We are seemingly witnessing the “meaning” of America. We are seeing meanness everywhere. Over the summer we saw citizens screaming and yelling at other citizens simply because they had political differences. We are seeing television talking heads show signs of meanness as they interview guests who have been invited to be on their shows. During the election I used to watch Hardball because I knew Chris Matthews would take no prisoners, but he gave his guests an opportunity to respond to his questions, but recently I have noticed he just talks over them. We’ve got Glenn Beck sitting on a morning show on Fox News calling the president a “racist.” Last night we saw Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina literally heckle the president during a Joint Session of Congress. When he did this he not only showed disrespect to the current president he showed disrespect to the office of president. Meanness is not just something that happens in politics it is happening all over. When you witness an able bodied person park in a handicapped spot you have witnessed meanness. When you hear of a man repeatedly slapping a toddler in a store because she would not be quiet you are witnessing meanness. Last week a young lady who relocated to Atlanta for a better job was killed as she innocently played a board game. The shooter was trying to hit someone in the apartment complex and he just shot wildly at the building. I have been writing this blog for about 18 months. Some of the comments I have received have been vile and hateful. Since no one knows who you are when you post some posters feel emboldened to point that they will say anything.  When did we get this mean?  When did we stop saying excuse me, thank you or hello? We are still a blessed nation but we have changed, and in this change is not a good thing.

Rep. Joe Wilson Brings Some of that Townhall Hostility to the Halls of Congress

All summer we saw so many angry people attending the town hall meetings. They did not come to listen to the representative they came to shout and hurl slurs. Some people said these people were simply frustrated and passionate. Others simply described their behavior as horrendous. Summer is winding down but that negative energy is still alive and well and dwelling in South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson. Never has anyone yelled out at a president during a joint session of Congress. Wilson has since apologized but this morning while watching Morning Joe it was interesting how Joe Scarborough tried to compare this incident to Democrats hissing when former President Bush spoke to a joint session. Come on Joe this is a whole different league. A Congressman should have more self-control. Even a two year old can be taught not to yell out in church. Vice President Joe Biden said “he embarrassed an institution I love.” There is talk in the Congress about sanctioning him for his behavior. I think they should leave it alone. He did himself and his party enough damage don’t run the risk of making this guy a martyr.

Joe Wilson Dishonors Congress by Calling President a Liar During Speech

 As President Obama addressed the joint session of Congress one representative demonstrated disdain for the president, and his agenda by calling him a liar. Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina said the president was lying when he said the healthcare benefits would not be extended to illegal aliens. Wilson screamed “lie” and at that point the president paused for a moment and then resumed his point.  Wilson must have channeled some of the hostility that we witnessed this summer at the town hall meetings. He just felt the need to get rowdy. Other Republicans demonstrated good manners by simply not applauding for those points they opposed.  Sen. John McCain said that the Congressman was totally disrespectful and he should apologize. Wilson apologized after speech and said ”This evening I let my emotions get the best of me when listening to the President’s remarks regarding the coverage of illegal immigrants in the health care bill. While I disagree with the president’s statement, my comments were inappropriate and regrettable. I extend sincere apologies to the president for this lack of civility.” This is typical GOP say what you want to say and then apologize, but you got it out there and tomorrow Wilson will be the toast of the right, and that is the audience he answers to.