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MSNBC Joe Scarborough loves Trump and will defend anything he does

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Where Have You Gone MSNBC? Joe Scarborough Defends Trump Sexual Harassment Of Women

Does the leaked Morning Joe tape confirm their Donald Trump bias?

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Donald Trump thanks his supporters MSNBC “Morning Joe”

Morning Joe has provided an unfettered platform for Donald Trump. He has been allowed to appear on their show via telephone more than any other GOP candidate. they ask him an initial question then it is open mike for The Donald. Last week Joe launched into the Marco Rubio take down, and Chris Christie picked up the baton and destroyed Rubio at the debate. Christie looked like the big bully picking on Rubio, but Trump just stood their and watched Christie take care of his assignment. Things worked out well for Trump and this morning Trump thanked Joe and Mika for their support. They attempted to clarify what Trump meant but he actually said what he meant. They actively supported him and that is not what a “news” show should be doing, but that is what they did. So a thank you was more than appropriate it was well deserved. Share your thoughts.

What has Marco Rubio accomplished?

Morning Joe has been the official fan club of Donald Trump. Trump is able to do his call ins whenever he wants. They rarely challenge him they simply give Trump an AM platform. This morning Rick Santorum appeared on the show to say he was endorsing Marco Rubio. Usually an endorsement is an easy interview but Joe took the opportunity to act as the Grand Inquisitor. He asked Santorum to name one thing Rubio had accomplished while in the Senate. Santorum was stumped and when Joe smelled blood he went in for the kill. If it had been court it would have been badgering, if it were a fight the referee would have stopped it. It was beyond uncomfortable it was unfair and unwarranted. Some say the question was fair, but in this case the real question was was it necessary? Share your thoughts.

Morning Joe says Al Roker should have gotten some “butt glue”?

Al Roker opened the door and it will never be shut. Roker shared in his book and on a television interview that he had pooped his pants while visiting the White House. This was a side effect of his gastric bypass surgery. On Morning Joe today Joe Scarborough was talking about the Miss America pagent and said that one of the contestants had used “butt glue”. He then said that perhaps Al Roker should buy some butt glue to prohibit future butt accidents. So is this just a cheap shot or is this to be expected?

Is Morning Joe a Chauvinist?

Things got heated on the set of Morning Joe when Mika, the perennial woman on the set seemingly called her boss, Joe Scarborough a chauvinist. They were discussing the lack of diversity in President Obama’s cabinet, and the conversation took a turn, and Joe got agitated at the thought that his co-host had called him the dreaded c-word. The next segment was devoid of the show’s namesake and when we did see him again Mika was offering an apology for the comments that the show’s host perceived to be insulting. It is truly interesting that Joe can say anything and everything about anybody but, if you say something about him an apology is necessary for the show to go on. Joe might not be a chauvinist, but he is the boss and Mika needs to remember you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.


Morning Joe on the Trayvon Martin Case

Morning Joe devoted a half an hour to discussion of the Trayvon Martin case. This story both grieves and outrages me.
Joe Scarborough on Trayvon Martin:
If anybody watching this show — either live or on the Internet — doesn’t believe that if an African-American shot a 17-year-old white boy walking through a neighborhood carrying ice tea and Skittles…if they do not believe that an arraignment would be scheduled by the next morning for the African-American shooter and that the white boy’s family would be called immediately…that an office would actually drive to the white boy’s home and sit down with the parents on the couch and console them because they have lost a 17-year-old son. If you don’t believe that this case and the handling of this case by the people in Florida has nothing to do with race, you are living in a fantasy world.”


Jonathan Capehart and Gov. Chris Christie clash on Morning Joe

Morning Joe facilitated a lively exchange this morning between Gov. Chris Christie and openly gay Washington Post editorial writer, Jonathan Capehart. Christie recently vetoed a gay marriage bill and said the gay marriage issue should be decided by the voters not the legislature. However, he did say he supports civil unions. Capehart challenged him and said that he views gay rights as civil rights. Even when Joe Scarborough brought up imagery of the deep south with the water hoses, Bull Connor, church bombings Capehart stood by his contention that gay rights was akin to civil rights. Christie said that he has the same position as President Obama, but he is criticized, but the president is celebrated. Capehart countered by saying the president’s position is “evolving”. Is this a word game or does Christie have a point? Read the link and watch the clip, and tell me what you think.

Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski says the Rick Perry Story is not news

On Morning Joe today Mika Brzezinski dismissed the Rick Perry camp story. She did not feel it was worthy of discussion. Joe Scarborough felt that if a candidate had a camp named Niggerhead that the candidate should not be a candidate. He viewed it as news and as offensive. I have found reactions to this story to be very curious. People either think it is insulting, or they say the name indicates the rough terrain, or other people have said the word is commonly used so why in this context is it offensive. So this morning to see Brzezinski just dismiss it as nothing was a little unsettling to me. I am not one that looks under rocks for things to be offended about, but this name was written on a rock and I find it offensive.


Is the NPR story a non-story?

The Morning Joe crew has dismissed the latest NPR scandal as a non-story. Is this story getting too much attention? Tell me what you think.