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Joe Paterno Statue removed from Penn State angers his family

Joe Paterno the iconic former head coach of Penn State was once a revered figure on the campus. Today the statue of him was removed in light of his inaction in the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Tomorrow the NCAA will issue sanctions that will virtually kill the football program. His family is upset about the removal, but that is expected. What is not expected is for a head coach to know that one of his staff members is engaging in criminal behavior with children. We will never know everything that Paterno knew, but we know he knew something and as a leader his priority should have been protecting children not protecting a sports program.

Mike McQueary says he told Joe Paterno about Sandusky Abuse

Mike McQueary said today he did tell Coach Joe Paterno that he saw Jerry Sandusky doing something of a sexual nature in the Penn State shower. If this is true what does this say about the beloved coach and Penn State? There is no need to ask why we all know why and that is what makes it an even sadder scenerio. We rail against the money that goes into the pockets of the members of Congress, but we need to take a good look at the money that is funneled into the schools that are perenial winners because there is some real crime being swept under the rugs in our higher institutions of learning.


South Park finds humor in the Penn State scandal…shouldn’t some things be off limits?

South Park is known for poking fun at sacred cows and some people applaud their audacity, but is there anything in the Penn State scandal that could be viewed as funny? Last night they took it on and it makes me ask aren’t there some things that are simply off limits? Tell me what you think.

Did Single Mothers see Coach Sandusky as a Father Figure?

The Penn State story is sad on so many levels. There are many people who are being blamed. The graduate assistant who witnessed an attack and called his father instead of the police, Coach Paterno who called the athletic director when he knew that he was the last word on the campus, and finally the real culprit the alleged sexual predator, Coach Sandusky who selected and groomed boys attending the Second Mile program. Sandusky would “court” the boys by giving them clothing, computers, trips to college games and professional games. As a mother I would have to ask why was this man giving my son all of these gifts, and my husband would also question the generosity of this non-relative generous benefactor, but sadly so many of the mothers of the victims were single mothers and they were in search of a father figure for their children, and Sandusky in their eyes fit the bill as a good role model. Sandusky had his own personal stable at the Second Mile and he had the opportunity to not only prey on the vulnerability of the child, but also on the mothers. Where are the fathers? Too often the eleven year old boy is called “mommy’s little man” or the “man of the house”. It is too much responsibility for the small shoulders of a boy to handle, but sadly he is in that role. So when an adult shows a real interest in him he has the opportunity to have fun, and just be a boy he jumps at the chance. He does not have the maturity to truly question motives he just sees light at the end of his prematurely adult shadowed world. This is fertile ground for a predator. So the child is eager and the mother is too. Don’t get me wrong this is not an indictment of the victim. I applaud the single mothers doing what they need to do to raise their children, but I wonder after the fathers read the accounts of what happened to their sons do they not only get angry at the predator, but do they flip the mirror and get mad at their selves.

Don’t Cry for Joe Paterno, Cry for the Real Victims

Last night Penn state fired legendary coach Joe Paterno. His former assistant coach Gerry Sandusky is accused of raping little boys, and some of these incidents took place on the campus. Paterno is now an elderly man, but he has been a powerful figure on that campus for years. It is easy to feel sorry for him and wonder if this will tarnish his legacy, but last night when I read the grand jury report and my sympathy went to the poor underprivileged boys who were the victims of a child predator. If Paterno had exerted an ounce of his power 9 years ago some of these victims might have been saved. So read the link and when you see Paterno and his wife standing on their porch looking pitiful you can re-focus and clearly see the abused boys are the real tragic victims in this story. rihttp://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2011/11/06/sports/ncaafootball/20111106-pennstate-document.html

Why didn’t Penn State officials call the police on Jerry Sandusky?

From the Second Mile WebsiteMany children face adversity even before they understand how to dream. The Second Mile, founded in 1977 in State College, Pennsylvania, is a statewide non-profit organization for children who need additional support and who would benefit from positive human contact. The Second Mile plans, organizes, and offers activities and programs for children – and adults who work with them – to promote self-confidence as well as physical, academic, and personal success.
Jerry Sandusky former Penn State football assistant coach is accused of abusing boys, many who were a part of the Second Mile foundation, on the grounds of the university. As early as 2002 he was spotted by a graduate assistant engaging in sex with a young boy. So did the graduate assistant call the police no he told the real head of the sports department legendary coach Joe Paterno. So Paterno called the police. No, he told the athletic director. If you saw someone abusing a child wouldn’t you call the police? This situation was mishandled from the jump. Sandusky was a member of the club and he was protected, but finally this alleged predator has been stopped. One has to wonder if these children had not been under-priviledged and had been members of Sandusky’s own community would these allegations have come to light sooner?