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Hillary is Back looking good, but the Democrats need to run in the opposite direction

Last night Hillary Clinton appeared with a sharp new hairdo and a black leather pantsuit. She has turned the page and that page does not seem to include the mommy pantsuits. She was speaking out against Trump policies and she has a right to speak, but we can not let her start her relevancy tour. While we are glad to see her she can not be the standard bearer of the future. The Democrats need new leadership for a new era. Last week I heard pundits asking was Joe Biden the candidate of the future. By 2020 Biden will be close to 80. There have got to be some leaders somewhere under the age of 65, and the Democrats need to find them or we might be looking at a lost White House in 2020.

Do you have Biden fatigue?

Is Joe Biden going to run for president? That is the question that hangs over the campaign season. Biden has been pondering this question for weeks, but who is really waiting with bated breath to hear the answer? The media has made this story a front and center story for weeks and they are the ones seeking resolution, but who else is waiting for the response? If you are tell me why.

Joe Biden please don’t take the bait

If you are listening to the news lately you would believe that Joe Biden is what the world needs now. People are waiting with baited breath wondering will he or won’t he. he is smiling and speaking to adoring audiences. Is he the man the Democrats are looking for? is he the Hillary Clinton slayer? Is he waiting for the GOP and the media to finish plucking her to death so that he can walk over her dead carcass. So what will happen if Clinton’s fall from grace is permanent? Will Biden be the aanswer? No, the media and the GOP are sitting with their fingers on the button waiting to run the Biden Bloopers and he will never be an occupant of the White House. He is a diversion anointed by the media and if he steps off his perch the stoning will begin even if Elizabeth Warren is in the mix.

We Grieve with the Bidens

biden family grieving
This picture says it all.

Joe Biden tells Sandy victims ”you’ve got a homeboy who gets it”…who is the homeboy?

In an effort to comfort the Sandy victims did Vice president Joe Biden jump the shark? He told the victims that they’ve got a “homeboy” who gets it.” Who is the homeboy and why is he using this slang terminology? Will he face any blackklash for this characterization? What if Mitch McConnell called the president homeboy? Would we simply write it off as that’s just Mitch? No we wouldn’t and somebody needs to tell Biden to curb his enthusiasm and learn to call the President–President because no matter how good natured he meant the term to be the president is nobody’s “homeboy.”


Why is Joe Biden Nuzzling this Biker Chick?

Strange picture. Why is Joe Biden in this compromising position? Biden campaigning in Ohio seems to be going a step too far in pursuit of a vote. Share your thoughts.

Osama bin Laden is dead, GM is alive and 23 million people ar looking for work

I love Joe Biden and his ability to convey a big message succintly. When asked the question “are you better off now than you were 4 years ago”? He did not stammer nor studder like some Democratic operatives (Gov. Martin O’Malley), he said, “Osama bin Laden is dead and GM is alive.” That’s great, but there are still 23 million Americans unemployed or under-employed and that’s a problem. When the president speaks Thursday I want to hear him not only tout the accomplishments of his tenure, but I want to hear a plan for the unemployed. Osama bin Laden is dead and GM is alive is great bumper sticker ink, but that does not put a chicken in every pot.

Did the White House Blow off former Gov. Wilder’s concerns?

We’ve all heard Joe Biden’s comments about putting us back in chains. Former governor Doug Wilder shares his concerns with Fox News. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Does Mitt Romney want to put us back in chains?

Did Joe Biden cross a bridge too far with the charge that Mitt Romney wants to put us back in chains? Share your thoughts.

General McChrystal Must Go and He Should Not Be Allowed to Resign

General McChrystal will be meeting with the president tomorrow, and after that meeting he should be the former leader of the troops fighting in Afghanistan.  He has got to go. He is not so invaluable that he can not be replaced. He does not hold some secret plan in his head that only he can implement. He has got to go and he should not be allowed to resign he should be fired. Throughout the day I heard pundits say he is so valuable that he simply can not be replaced. That’s insane if something happened to him rest assured the war would still rage on so he can be replaced. He disparaged his boss and the boss’ team and for that reason he can not be allowed to stay. You try talking about your boss to your subordinates or simply send an email describing your boss as an idiot and forward it to everyone in your company. By the end of the day security will be standing at your desk as you pack your box. This is that magnified by a million. This guy has shown total disrespect for the president and he has got to go. If the president allows him to stay after this then he is a wimp.