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You are never too old to be president, but try finding a regular job at 74 is another story

Hillary Clinton is 68. Donald Trump is 69. Bernie Sander is 74. If these people lived in the real world and were trying to get a job they would be dismissed without a phone call or a conversation. They would be viewed as old, and by being labeled old they could not possibly do the job, but these people are running for president so the rules applied to mere mortals don’t exist to them. If anybody dares to bring up their age that person would be crucified by the media. In the real world you have to put your birthday/birthdate on the online application or give the year of your graduation. Each of these dates allow the potential employer to know the age of the applicant. So why do we readily accept the fact that a 74 year old is fit to lead the free world, but if you are over 50 you don’t possess the stamina to work in other segments of society. You don’t have to just look at the presidential race look at the Senate: John McCain 79, Mitch McConnell 74, and Harry Reid, 78. So maybe if you’re too old to work in the real world maybe there is a life for you in politics. Share your thoughts.

Dreams with Deadlines-My New Venture

The new reality is there simply are not enough jobs for everyone that wants one. So if you have a skill or a talent now is the time to see if that skill or talent can produce an income. On November 19, 2011 I held my first Dreams with Deadline Seminar. I have been working on the presentation off and on for two years. I kept trying to make it perfect, but since nothing is perfect I decided to move forward. The pursuit of perfection is actually the ultimate weapon in the arsonel of procrastination. The seminar is designed for people trying to move their dreams off the shelf and make them happen. This was an opportunity to help the participants walk out their dreams and it in turn helped me walk out one of mine. I was determined to do at least one seminar before the end of the year and I did and I am not only glad, but I am proud. I am currently putting my 2012 calendar together. So if you have a group that needs a jumpstart drop me an email and let’s talk about it.

Conquer Your Career with These 5 Words of Wisdom


Question of the Day: Do you care how many people apply for a job that you are interested in?

Thanks so much for applying to (company named removed). We commend you on your impressive resume and recognize your interest in reforming public education, but are unfortunately unable to offer you an invitation to the second round. We had over 70 applicants for the Public Affairs Manager position and see that as a testament to a growing motivation to improve a flawed education system. We hope you will continue to support (company name removed) and our efforts to close the achievement gap but also, more importantly, to prepare our children for the jobs of tomorrow.
QUESTION: If you are looking for a job do you really care how many people applied for the position? Tell me what you think.

Hallmark Introduces Layoff Cards, is this a good idea?

Hallmark has introduced a new line of cards devoted to the recession and layoffs. Some of them take a humorous look at a sad situation. Would you give this to anyone? Would you want one? Tell me what you think.


When did having a job become a political issue?

President Obama presented his job bill to Congress today, but is this urgent business? We have 14 months until the next election and the country simply can not wait until that change of the guard happens, and that is if it happens. Have you had a conversation with someone who is part of the long term unemployed? Do you think they are simply lazy? Do you think they are picky? Well, let me tell you that’s not the case. I have been unemployed now for over two years. I have two things going for me: I write so freelance work* has been a blessing and my husband is still employed, but I want to work. Sure there have been a few interviews and some have seemed hopeful. Back in the spring I did a phone interview with the school system. That interview led to a writing and data analysis in-depth test. When the recruiter called me she said I want to tell you we will not be pursuing your candidacy for the position. I said thanks for calling but then she went on and on about it was such a tough decision. I know she meant well but the fact that I came close was not comforting. I have had recruiters tell me how many resumes they received followed by you are lucky that we called you. So when I read that while the president was presenting his speech on jobs members of Congress were laughing and in some cases staring at the ceiling. Members of both parties were guilty of this behavior, and I am left to wonder do they really care, and I have to remember they have jobs. The House Representatives serve 2 years and the Senate serve 6 years and they make a very good salary: they make $174,000. So the president’s job bill might not be the complete answer, but it is a start and for those of us who are unemployed we are glad to see it. For the unemployed this is not a political issue sadly in some cases it is the difference between having a home and being homeless and that is sad not political.
*Need freelance writer? jreynoldsofmd@aol.com Let’s talk.

When did the Unemployed become invisible?

14 Million unemployed Americans. Does anybody care? does anybody even notice? When did the unemployed become invisible? Read the very interesting linked article: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/10/business/the-unemployed-somehow-became-invisible.html?_r=2&partner=rss&emc=rss

Valorie Burton answers the question, ‘Where Will You Go from Here?’

On Saturday I had the opportunity to hear a very inspiring and profound presentation from CNN contributor and life coach Valorie Burton. She spoke to about 200 women at my church. She specifically gave instrictions on how to move forward when life doesn’t go as planned. Her advice is tailored for everyone. In these difficult times so many people are losing their jobs, their homes and their peace of mind, and frankly too many people are simply giving up, but Burton told the crowd that there are two choices and they are to give up or to get up. She lays out a strategy in her newest book “Where Will You Go from Here?’ which is available at www.valorieburton.com or www.amazon.com. In it Burton details the 5 committments that propel every successful comeback, step-by-step guidance for restructuring your life, strategies to unearth the courage you need for any situation and practical exercises to become better, not bitter. This is a book that will help you jumpstart your comeback or simply help you go to the next level.

How to Survive Hard Times Series is a must read for these challenging times

Times are tough and people are finding themselves in unfamilar terrain.┬áPeople are facing foreclosure, job loss, unpaid bills and other catastrophic events. I had the opportunity to review “How to Survive Hardtimes Series“, each of the pamphlets in the series provides the reader with vital information that can help them in their individual situation. The series was written by Tonii Harris, Ms. Harris has worked as a Program Director for a large non-profit for 23 years. In her role she helped provide emergency services to the unemployed and the underemployed. The series includes Keeping a Roof over Your Head, Managing your Bills During Hard Times, Budgeting When You’re Broke, Finding Money and Creating Your own Employment Opportunities. Harris says “There is a whole world of people out there who are “hiding from the Repo man” and “robbing Peter to pay Paul.” Many who are college graduates. My pamphlets tell you how to survive during those hard times.” For more information visit www.amharpub.com

Jesse Jackson Jr. Says the Ipad is killing jobs…does he point?

I have an Ipad and I love it, but is it a job killer? Watch the clip and tell me what you think.