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Mad Money Jim Cramer Can Dish It Out, But He Can’t Take It


This morning I caught Jim Cramer on the Today Show and Morning Joe. Cramer has been very critical of the way the Obama administration has been handling the economic crisis and he has spoken out loudly against some of their policies and policy makers. Cramer has also not been afraid to tell people what stocks they should be buying. He was an advocate for Bear and Stearns almost right up until their collapse. Well, comedian Jon Stewart has taken aim at Cramer and highlighted some of Cramer’s miscues, and now we see Cramer on the morning shows in his full victim pose asking the question “why me?”. It is so funny that the Cramers of the world make their money by talking loud. Cramer has been known to be very critical of politicians, economists and anyone else that comes across his radar. He is so bold that his co-workers say he should give up the caffeine, but now when he is on the receiving end of what he has been dishing out he wants to cry foul.  As I said in a previous post about his colleague Rick Santelli if you run with the big dogs you better expect to get bitten.