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Will the Jeb Bush endorsement help Ted Cruz?

Jeb Bush is endorsing Ted Cruz. This might have been a real factor had he done it prior to the Florida primary, but now is it too little, too late? Cruz might be able to get some help from the Bush donors, but that is not even a slam dunk. Is Cruz truly viable or is giving a donation to his campaign akin to booking a ride on the Titanic after the ship has started to sink? Share your thoughts.

“Low Energy” Jeb Bush far too rational to be the GOP nominee bows out

Donald Trump dubbed Jeb Bush “low energy” at the start of the campaign and Bush never recovered. Bush was raised to be a gentleman but to win against Trump he needed to be a street fighter. You can’t win a street fight when you stick to the rules. Trump is ruthless and he is not governed by conventional rules. The media loves him because of the things he says. He makes good television. Bush tried to overcome the shadow Trump had cast over his campaign but he couldn’t. Bush tried to get tough and fight back but when he did it was too little too late. The bully won and the gentleman from Florida was sent packing. Bush was rational in a season in which the GOP was looking for a radical.

Ted Cruz pulls ad that featured former porn actress, but what is the bigger message?

Today Ted Cruz pulled one of his political ads. The ad featured a former porn star. The key word is former, but what this proves is your past can come back and sabotage your future. In this age of social media it is actually a cautionary tale. We see so many people who are selfie obsessed. They are determined to document every thing. We see people post on Instagram wearing little or nothing. It’s all in fun until you lose a major opportunity. Just ask the actress in the Cruz commercial.


When did politics become a celebration of hopelessness?

Times are bad and if you listen to the politicians and the pundits you will be convince they will never get better. There is little talk of brighter days ahead and more talk about gloom and doom. So one has to wonder do politicians believe our best days are behind us? Are we simply part of a sad dirge marching toward destruction? No they don’t believe that. They want to keep the electorate fearful as we move toward selecting a new leader, but fear never wins. We are a hopeful nation and next year we need to vote from that point of view.

Where is the perfect presidential candidate?

2016 presidential contenders include: an egomaniac, a socialist, a liar, a man who can’t keep his campaign money separated from his personal money, a failed Fortune 500 executive, a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth who never learned to fight, a man who overcame the hood to perform amazing surgery, a man who can’t get along with his colleagues, a man who has a problem saying no to donuts, a man who stands proudly with lawbreakers and a man that is a military hawk. All of these people want sit in the oval office and none of them are perfect. We have that in common with them, but even if you disagree with them they are doing something. They have an idea and a commitment to this country. So as we sit on our couches with our popcorn waiting on the next shoe to drop give them a little credit for at least being willing to try.

Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio is like Marlo and Prop Joe of The Wire

When i watched Jeb Bush try to take on marco Rubio I thought of this clip. Watch and share your thoughts.

Jeb Bush is choking on his Silver Spoon

Being born with a silver spoon in your mouth has its benefits. In short you have unearned benefits that give you immediate status. It opens doors for you. In short it makes your life easier than working class mortals. Mortals learn how to speak up for their
selves. They learn how to give a punch and take a punch. People who are successful in business also learn how to fight because they have to fight. That’s the difference between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush. Trump also had the benefit of a pedigree but he knows how to fight. He is a product of the Fight Club rules of order. Bush is a Roberts Rules of Order guy. Trump’s rules allow the fighter to hit below the belt. Bush’s rules work when both parties have committed to a gentlemanly skirmish. Trump talked about Bush’s wife. That should have been enough for Bush to ditch the rule book, but Bush did not go off the rails until Trump started taking potshots at W. Finally Bush seems like he is going to be a reluctant fighter, but is it too late? Silver spoons have their perks but they also can make you soft.

Where is all this FREE stuff black people are getting?

Jeb Bush was questioned by a white audience member about the lack of black people at his meeting last night. Bush said “our message is one of hope and aspiration. It isn’t one of division and get in line and we’ll take care of you with free stuff.” Where is this free stuff? I never got any of it nor was I looking for it. I come from a family of hard workers who never looked for government handouts and i am sick of candidates pandering to the base. It’s statements like this that keep blacks away from the GOP not their desire for free stuff.

Was Donald Trump the victim of a “gotcha” question?

Donald Trump loves to talk, but he wants to control the conversation. If a media person asks him a question he does not like or does not know the answer to they are in the wrong. First it was Fox News darling Megyn Kelly. She asked a hard question during the debates and he went on a Twitter/media attack on her. She was a terrible reporter not fit to question the Emperor. Now Hugh Hewitt is a 3rd class radio host. Not fit to shine or lick the Emperor’s boots. So now we know the Emperor will not answer difficult questions. He will attack because the Emperor is wearing no clothes, and soon all will have to acknowledge that fact.

Who is afraid of Donald Trump? Answer: The Republican Party

Donald Trump is a rude bully. He has been called to task regarding a number of statements he made regarding illegal immigrants. He has been condemned for his statements and he has lost a number of business deals, but he still won’t stop talking. It has been interesting watch his fellow GOP candidates squirm when they are asked to comment on Trump’s remarks. Their condemnation has not been as swift or as brutal as the business interests. Why are they afraid to condemn Trump? They want to stay in his good graces. He will never be the GOP nominee but he has fascinated a fringe of the party and the other candidates want that fringe. So they will keep their hands on their ears and listen to the sounds of silence when Trump is talking. the problem is we hear him and we have to ask ourselves why are they acting like they don’t.