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What is the point of this John McCain commercial?

This commercial is supposed to be humorous, but it really shows the maverick has died. John McCain used to bill himself as the maverick but recently he has started running away from his personal history. When he was running for president in 2008 he took pride in the fact that he could reach across the aisle and work out compromise with the Democrats, but that McCain is now gone forever. Now we have the McCain that is running so far to the right that he might fall off the edge. He wants to win and he will say and do anything to make it happen and that is what this commercial proves.  We miss the maverick.

John McCain Has Important Friends, but do the Voters like Him?

John McCain is fighting for his political life. He is facing a tea party favorite JD Hayworth. In an effort to show the influence he yields McCain has asked for some help from his friends. “To neutralize Hayworth’s claim on tea party movement voters, McCain has unveiled his backing from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and newly minted Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) — both plan to stump on his behalf. The former 2008 GOP presidential nominee has also picked up the official support of the entire state GOP congressional delegation — a few of whom once served in the House with Hayworth — and the state Chamber of Commerce. Prominent national Republicans are on the McCain team, too: Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, once a bitter enemy.”* So what does all of this prove? It proves McCain has famous friends, but there is still a disconnect. What do the voters get out of his friendships? Is he truly representing the interests of his constituents or has he taken the time to really find out what they really want? This is not a problem that only afflicts McCain this is a problem that afflicts any politician that stays in Washington too long. They forget where they came from because they are only there to campaign. It is why there need to be term limits on the Congress. They become too entrenched and too beholden to lobbyists and corporations. McCain might ultimately triumph and that would be a personal victory but would that be a victory for the citizens of Arizona.

*Politico 3/3/10

John McCain Might be challenged by a Tea Bag Supporter, JD Hayworth

Over the weekend I read an article that said John McCain might have to run against a member of the Tea bag movement. In a hypothetical Rasmussen poll John McCain has 45% support compared to former Congressman, conservative radio talk show host J.D. Hayworth’s 43%. Two per cent separates the two. “On his radio show Friday, Hayworth discussed the results of the Rasmussen poll at length. Hayworth said discussions with his immediate family are “more than a topic of casual conversation.” He indicated a desire to run, saying that he is in the “due diligence” phase and that the primary roadblock would be fundraising, specifically to pay off some debt.” Hayworth is a beneficiary of the 2008 election and he has mastered the mobs. He has successfully tapped into the anger that the McCain/Palin ticket unleashed. They waged an us against them campaign. In that case the them was President Obama and his supporters, but now in a twist McCain is seen as part of the them. Prior to the election McCain was viewed as a moderate Republican who would reach across the aisle to get results, but this crowd is hardline. Their motto seems to be our way or the highway. There is no longer any room for statesmen who have the word compromise in their vocabulary. Last November an angry monster was released. They tapped into visceral anger, but they thought they could control it. What John McCain did not know then was that he too might be eaten by the monster he helped create.