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Janet Jackson is married to Wissam Almana

You can no longer call her Miss Jackson. Jackson announced her marriage to Wissam Almana. Read the article for all the details.


Why Did I Go to See Why Did I Get Married Too?

This weekend another Tyler Perry movie, Why Did I Get Married Two premiered.  I have seen most if not all of Perry’s films and in almost all of his films there is some form of domestic violence. It is either used as a comedic device or it is used by some long-suffering character who by virtue of that state has a right to inflict violence on another character. So I have come to call this Perry’s signature move. You know its going to creep into the film you just don’t know when.  You also wonder how will the audience react?  If it is the long suffering character doing it their actions are generally met with cheers. When you watch the audience you have to believe they really don’t recognize the actions they are witnessing as domestic violence, but why do I still go to Perry’s films? I go because Perry is the only black filmmaker making major films. Spike Lee was the guy in the 1980s, John Singleton was Mr. 90s, and Tyler Perry is our guy for the millennium. There ware really no options if you want to see films about the black experience. Perry has the clout to get a film made, and I used to say he could do so much more, but why should he. It is easy to criticize his work and say he should be doing more of this or that, but he is living his dream. He does not have to alter his dream to please any of us. He has a formula that works. This Saturday the theater was packed with black people who actually applauded at the end of the film. Perry’s films are dessert they are not meant to be nourishment, they are not meant to be thought-provoking they are simply meant to appeal to a niche market, and Perry knows what the people want, and he gives it to them. Spike Lee called Perry’s work “coonery and buffoonery’, but that is simply unfair. I go to see  Tyler Perry films for one reason despite their flaws they do entertain.

There Would Not have Been A Michael Jackson without Joe Jackson

Tonight everyone who ever wrote a Michael Jackson article has been in front of a microphone. Several of them have given their dime store analysis of jackson, but one thing that struck me wrong was their portrayal of Joe Jackson. They have said that Joe would take the kids on tour for weeks, and he also used to beat the children. Joe has been painted as a villian, but what he really was a visionary. He saw that his children had real talent and he saw that Michael had the potential to be a supestar, and he made it happen. Joe Jackson was a product of his era. Most black children who grew up in the 60s and 70s were spanked, whipped or beaten by their parents. It was not child abuse. They truly believed spare the rod spoil the child. This is how they had been raised and this is how they raised their children. They did what they knew to do and now that we know better we do better, but let’s not crucify Joe Jackson. As we celebrate the life of Michael jackson  let us not vilify Joe Jackson without his guidance we would not have known Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson’s Death is Hard to Believe

I grew up with the Jackson 5. They were all so cute my friends and I would sit around dreaming about which Jackson we would marry. I bought Right On magazine so I could keep up with what the brothers were doing. So today when I heard that Michael Jackson had died I felt like it was a death in the family. It is so hard to believe. Over the years Jackson was plagued with legal problems, but that is not what I will remember about him. I will remember seeing them on the Ed Sullivan show when it was still rare to see somebody black on television. I will remember being amazed when I first saw him do the moonwalk. I will remember the Motown 25 special in 1983 where Michael gave a performance that is still talked about today. I am sad tonight, and I will miss the Michael Jackson I grew up with. Rest in Peace Michael.