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Did Rev. Jamal Bryant deserve this?

People don’t respect the ministry and many people have issues with the media loving Jamal Bryant, but does he deserve this? Did Bryant do the right thing by simply walking away. Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Will Jamal Bryant be able to stand up to the RHOP?

Read the linked story and share your thought.

Can Iyanla Fix Baltimore?


Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Rev. Jamal Bryant and Empowerment Temple Helping Freddie Gray’s family with funeral expenses

Rev. Jamal Bryant has been on CNN so much lately he should have his own seat. He has been speaking for Freddie Gray’s family. it is great to see he is also helping the family. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Justice for Freddie Gray or more Facetime on Primetime?

Something bad happened to Freddie Gray as he was being transported by the Baltimore police to the station. The mayor and the police chief have assured the city that they will find out what happened to Mr. Gray. The Department of Justice has also opened up an investigation. Baltimore is not Ferguson. In Ferguson we watched a blame the victim mentality at work. The police demonized Michael Brown prior to even learning the name of the policeman who killed Brown. The Baltimore reaction has been totally different. Police brutality is a fact of life in Charm City, but this high profile case does not seem to be on the slow track to nowhere, but last night we saw over 1000 people march demanding justice, but justice is a process and it looks like in this case the process is working so it makes you wonder what is the goal here? The chant is “What do we want? and the response is “Justice”, but is that what everyone wants? Some of the people seem to want more face time on prime time. This is the kind of case that not only draws local attention, but the network is here and they are looking for voices to elevate and there are people here who are ready for their close up, but will their face time do anything to answer the real question, “what happened to Freddie Gray?”

Jamal Bryant appears on Tom Joyner Morning Show and stops defending “hoes ain’t loyal”

Jamal Bryant admits he had a rough week. He has come under fire for a sermon he gave a month ago. At the end of that sermon he quoted a Chris brown song and said “hoes ain’t loyal”. This week that statment blew up. Bryant’s first response was to tell all the “haters” to listen to the entire sermon and not simply react to a soundbite, but this soundbite was brutal. This morning Bryant appeared on the Tom Joyner show and he finally stopped digging. He admitted it was a poor choice of words, but he went on to challenge the radio community and the entire community to stop using the word. He said isn’t it ironic that the radio stations that were trashing him had songs on their playlist that use that word in their lyrics? He makes a valid point but we hold clergy up to a higher standard that we do a dj. Bryant seemingly learned something this week. he already is known as a great orator, but with that gift comes responsibility and he has to be responsible for the words that he utters to his congregation. They are not the only ones watching. he has stepped on the world stage and they are not as forgiving as the members of empowerment Temple.

Ebony magazine response to Pastor Jamal Bryant

Yesterday Pastor Jamal Bryant of Baltimore posted on Twitter a letter that he had sent to Ebony magazine regarding an allegation of sexual misconduct with a 17 year old. Bryant has admitted having an affair that led to divorce, but not with a 17 year old. Ebony’s reponse to Bryant is below and it is a little unsettling. They admit printing the rumor because it was scandalous not because it was true, but by printing it and circulating it to their entire readership did they not think this could cause Bryant future harm? Read they statement and share your thoguths.

“We understand that Dr. Jamal H. Bryant is now getting inquiries regarding a rumor we referenced in the magazine. We published the outrageous allegation as it was scandalous, not because it was confirmed. We did not intend to offend Dr. Bryant, and hope that our readers understand the spirit in which the editorial comment was presented.”

Who was the Hoodie wearing Pastor at the White House Easter breakfast, and was it appropriate?

This morning Pastor Jamal Bryant said on Twitter that his dad Bishop John Bryant was wearing a hoodie to the White House Easter breakfast. Bishop Bryant resides in Illinois. He did it in honor of Trayvon Martin? Was this appropriate to do at a White House gathering? Tell me what you think.