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Is a piece of a man better than nothing?

For the past three weeks Iyanla Vanzant has dealt with a man who has 34 children by 17 mothers. In the first episode Vanzant gave each of the mothers that participated a piece of a shirt symbolizing that they each only had a piece of him, and how it was impossible to have a healthy family if you are working with a piece of a man. The women on the show simply wanted to be loved and he played into their need to be loved. As they shared their stories you heard common threads throughout and you could not help but feel sorry for them, but today I thought about how ironic this situation was. These women are looked at as victims but every week we celebrate a ficitonal character who has made herself comfortable eating the scraps off the presidential table. Scandal is the show and Olivia Pope is the heroine. Sure she is decked in designer clothing and she speaks in a well-bread staccato tone, but she is a woman satified with a piece of a man. Perhaps we need some new heroines.


Iyanla Vanzant talks to Oprah and Tom Joyner

I watched Iyanla Vanzant on Oprah’s show yesterday and it was interesting to watch her interaction with the queen of talk. This two part interview was their attempt to quash their 11 year beef and it seems to be over. Iynala’s trevails almost rival the biblical Job. She lost her career, her daughter, her husband, her home and her money. She even thought about suicide, but she is still standing. Her tone with Oprah was almost deferential, but this morning on the Tom Joyner Show she sounded more like the self-assured woman that shared the stage with Oprah over a decade ago. She has lost everything, but she still has her faith and her mojo. Oprah asked her did she think she got “the big head”? Iyanla said no, but as a student of the Bible she should be familiar with the passage “Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.” This morning on Tom Joyner, Vanzant said she is in talks to get another show. Hopefully, it will work out for her because yesterday she said she did not even have health insurance. We may have just witnessed the beginning of a restoration period, and I  say Amen to that.

Did Oprah and Iyanla kiss and make-up or did they just talk?

The Oprah Show was very interesting today. In the late 90s Iyanla Vanzant was a frequent guest on the Oprah show and all of a sudden she no longer appeared. Today we found out why. Vanzant has written a new book and in it she details what precipitated their split. Oprah used to allow Vanzant free reign on the show. Vanzant was already an author, but her appearances on Oprah catapulted her into real fame. It was during this time that Vanzant was offered her own talk show and she left Oprah for the opportunity. Her show only lasted a year, but she had severed her ties with Oprah. Today Vanzant shared with Oprah and the audience that she felt Oprah treated her too well. She said she tended to gravitate into relationships in which she was treated badly and her relationship with Oprah had simply come to easily to her. Initially this sounded ridiculous, but don’t we all know someone that seems to sabotage their own success? It might not be on the scale of the Vanzant situation, but as I  listened to her I really started believing her. Don’t get me wrong I  do believe that Vanzant tried to play both ends against the middle and she got burned, but I do believe that her own self doubt killed her relationship with the Queen of talk. Toon in next week there will be another part because they simply could not resolve all of their issues in one session.